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Borja Villacís, one of the two brothers of Begoña Villacisformer vice mayor of the capital, died on Tuesday, shot dead in the Fuencarral-El Pardo district (Madrid). The victim, 41 years old and arrested several times for belonging to neo-Nazi groups and for gender violence, was shot several times at close range while driving a white car on the road from Fuencarral to El Pardo, the M -612. The shots came from a car with three occupants who fled. Shortly afterwards, police arrested a woman, the alleged driver of the vehicle, for the incident, which left another man injured, also by gunshot. Two weapons were used in the shooting: a shotgun and a rifle. Police sources indicate that the main hypothesis is a settlement of scores for drug-related cases. Another is that the victim met one of the aggressors and he appeared armed and with family members.

The crime took place on Tuesday around 12:30 p.m., at kilometer 6 of the M-612. According to the investigation, there were three attackers and they were in a gray BMW X2, which they crossed on the road. Two armed men got out of the car and shot another man, identified by police sources as Borja Villacís. The victim suffered several gunshot wounds to the head and chest and died almost immediately. The emergency services did not even attempt to resuscitate him. Around 3:30 p.m., the tow truck towed away the victim's riddled car, which shattered one of the rear windows. His body was found outside the car in the ditch, possibly when he tried to escape the attack.

View of kilometer point 6 of the Fuencarral-El Pardo highway, which was closed by the police on Tuesday near the site of the event.Rodrigo Jimenez (EFE)

An ambulance from Samur-Civil Protection went to the scene, near the Montecarmelo district, and could only confirm the man's death “with gunshot wounds”, a spokeswoman for Madrid Emergency said. Homicide Group V, which is in charge of the investigation, went to the scene to collect evidence together with the Scientific Police. The M-612 has been closed for several hours.

Minutes after the killing, a car left another man at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, also with a gunshot wound to the head but conscious. The injured man, a 43-year-old Spaniard, is hospitalized and his life is not in danger. According to the police, everything indicates that this injured man was in the vehicle with Borja Villacís. Officers were preparing to take a statement from him this afternoon once he was in stable condition.

Around three o'clock in the afternoon, The police have reported the arrest of a woman related to crime in the Plaza Elíptica area. The woman, also Spanish, 52 years old and with “many criminal records”, was arrested when she was alone in the same vehicle that took place in the incident, which was left sealed in the car wash on the square. The woman was taken to Madrid police station. According to initial investigations, the woman has a family connection with the other two occupants of the car.

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The same police sources suggest that this is a settlement for cases related to drug trafficking, but other hypotheses are not ruled out. These sources indicate that the attackers used two weapons, one 7.62 caliber, possibly a rifle, and another a 12-gauge slug gun, which were found in a nearby field.

Nine kilometers from the shooting, a witness who was at the Exe hotel in the Fuencarral-El Pardo district sent EL PAÍS some images he took showing two men and a woman – who is apparently the one arrested for the murder – got out of a dented BMW car 'with exploded airbags'. The occupants changed the car's license plate on the banks of the M-603 and the men ran across the open field connecting to the M-40, before the woman got back behind the wheel of the car and continued the march in solitude. The witness, who has asked to have his identity protected, captured the moment on his mobile phone and told the National Police that he arrived on the scene “within five minutes” and started looking for the suspects.

Precisely this method, changing license plates along a busy road and right in front of a hotel and a communications company with glass windows, seems to indicate that the attackers are not hitmen. Police deployed a large search force to the area where the two men dressed in black got out, with the participation of helicopters, cavalry, dogs and dozens of foot and armed troops. Scientific police officers have also come to collect samples from the spot where the two attackers escaped.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has expressed his condolences to Begoña Villacís and indicated that there is no clear motive at this time. “There is no hypothesis that I can know and convey to you as the objective reason for the murder of Begoña Villacís' brother. What is now being investigated is the murder and establishing authorship,” Grande-Marlaska said in the corridors of the Senate.

In a statementCiudadanos expressed her condolences and “deep regret” to the former vice mayor and asked for respect for the privacy of her “colleague and friend” and that of her family so that they can experience their grief “in the utmost privacy.” “We demand an in-depth investigation to determine those guilty of the murder and that they respond to justice,” says the document published on social networks and the party's website.

Borja Villacís, who has suffered several arrests by both the National Police and the Guardia Civil and has a history of gender violence, belonged to Real Madrid's radical group Ultrasur and He was arrested in 2004 for punching a young man outside a cocktail bar in Moncloa.. He is also associated with the neo-Nazi group Hammerskin and Outlaw, another neo-Nazi group that pays tribute to the Blue Division. That is currently the case accused in a case of drug trafficking and large-scale money laundering at the Central Court of Instruction Number 5 of the National Court.

His sister Begoña left politics a year agoafter moving her party, Ciudadanos, from eleven councilors in the 2019 municipal elections to zero in the June 2023 elections. The former politician is a lawyer by profession and works at a technology company in La Castellana and is a talk show host on TVE.

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