A second report from the Guardia Civil also finds that no crime was committed in Begoña Gómez's actions

The judge investigates Begoña Gomez has a second report on the table from the elite unit of the Guardia Civil, which, as the first one he made months agofinds no evidence of a crime in the case in which the wife of the president of the government is still accused and plans to testify next week. The Central Operational Unit has not seen any form of participation by Gómez in various public contracts awarded to the company of Carlos Barrabés of Red.es, the Superior Sports Council or the Madrid City Council, nor any illegality in these contracting processes.

Judge Juan Carlos Peinado has been pursuing a case against Gómez for months following a complaint by Manos Médicas in which the ultra pseudo-union pointed to various journalistic information regarding the million-dollar rescue of Air Europa and public awards to businessman Carlos Barrabés, in which Gómez wrote a letter of recommendation. In recent weeks The European Public Prosecutor's Office has taken over part of the investigationThe Madrid court has determined that suspicions about Gómez's intervention in the airline's rescue are based on “mere suspicions” and the judge has decided to extend the case to the relationship between the president's wife and Complutense University.

An initial report by the Central Operational Unit already ruled out signs of criminality in the actions of Begoña Gómez, and in general in the public award procedures to Carlos Barrabés. In the same vein as the two journalists who testified for their information that led to the complaint of Clean Hands. Now a second report by the Guardia Civil points in the same direction after a detailed analysis of the emails and files of the awards to Barrabés.

The bidding, contracting and execution process of all the files analysed, the UCO explains, “would apparently have been developed normally and according to the principles that apply to public procurement.” In one of the contracts of more than two million euros awarded by Red.es, as well as in others, you come from the Madrid City Council and the Higher Sports Council.

Statements by Barrabés and Gómez

Judge Peinado has varied and expanded the purpose of the case in recent weeks, and this week he is faced with both the testimony of Carlos Barrabés, who has just been released from hospital, and the statement being examined by Begoña Gómez herself. The wife of the President of the Government was supposed to testify last week, but her appearance was postponed after her defense claimed that she had not had access to all the complaints and complaints filed in the proceedings.

At that time, the parties had not had access to this second report from the Guardia Civil, which concludes, based on more than 100 pages of analysis, that there had been no irregularity, nor does it mention any participation by Gómez in the procurement processes under investigation.

In recent weeks, Begoña Gómez's defense has complained several times that Judge Peinado does not specify what exactly the investigation consists of. The latest move both from the Public Prosecution Service and from the President's wife the government has appealed to the Provincial Court of Madrid to request that the case be archived, citing, among other things, the contents of this exculpatory report from the Guardia Civil.

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