Abascal meets Netanyahu and promises to reverse recognition of Palestine “when he is president of the government” | Spain

Vox President Santiago Abascal met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Tuesday, as reported by the far-right party. Abascal assured during the meeting with the Israeli President that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “covers his cases of political and economic corruption with the recognition of the Palestinian State”, which was adopted this Tuesday, and compared the situation with the “attacks” against the Argentine president, the ultra Javier Milei. The meeting started at eight in the afternoon (an hour less on the peninsula) and lasted more than an hour. That same Tuesday, Abascal had already accused the head of Spain's executive branch of fomenting the “worst terrorism” by accepting Palestine's sovereignty, a measure urged by Congress in a 2014 resolution.

Vox has promised the Israeli leader – of the Likud party, an ally of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) to which Vox belongs – that “when Abascal is president of the government”, Spain “will reverse the creation of the state”. of Palestine,” the Vox statement literally states, a measure that would be unprecedented in the case of Palestine, although not the recognition of Israel, which was withdrawn by the Ayatollah regime after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, ancient Persia .

The party's president praised the “determination of Israel and its people in the face of aggression and enormous pressure from the enemies of the West, but also from so-called allies who want to leave the country defenseless in the face of the terrorist offensive.” Israel's government has opened a diplomatic crisis with Spain following the formal announcement, ratified on Tuesday, that the country would recognize Palestine as a state, a measure adopted by more than 140 countries. Six days ago, he called his ambassadors in Madrid, Dublin and Oslo, the capitals of the last three countries to join that list, for consultations. Israel did the same in December, after calling some of Sánchez's statements in which the president criticized “embarrassing.” “genuine doubts” that the offensive on Gaza respected international humanitarian law, although the Israeli diplomatic representative returned to Madrid the following month.

According to the Vox statement, Netanyahu has downplayed alleged requests for support for the independents in retaliation for Sánchez's actions and has also ensured that his country will maintain its assistance and commitment to Europe in the fight against terrorism. For his part, Abascal has pointed out that “as long as there is even one hostage in the hands of Hamas and until the terrorist organization disappears, no one has the right to ask Israel to abandon its self-defense operations.”

Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares has stated that the Vox leader “embraces the policy of hoaxes and lies” of “the most extremist elements of the Netanyahu government.” “He does not agree with the consensus of Spanish society,” Albares stated in an interview on TVE, where he added that Abascal is also not “at peace”. Albares has stated that Spain will respond in a coordinated manner with Ireland and Norway to the messages recently launched on social networks by his Israeli counterpart, Israel Katz. They will do it, he said, in a “determined” and “serene” way. “They don't intimidate us or set times for us.”

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Abascal visited Israel in December to defend the Israeli army's offensive on Gaza. which has already caused the deaths of more than 35,000 people, and demanded that the Spanish president apologize for questioning it. According to the ultra party leader, Sánchez “had to apologize to the victims and the Israeli people for questioning the legitimate response of a democratic state against the murderers who kill, torture and behead civilians in their homes; they rape and kidnap women; they kidnap children and the elderly; and that they use their own civilian population as human shields.”

The far-right party has received support from Likud, which won Israel's parliamentary elections last April. That month, an official from Netanyahu's party wished “great election result” for Vox and personally to its leader, Santiago Abascal. Eli Hazan, Director of International Relations, expressed his support for the Spanish extreme right via the social network

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