At what age can I leave the polling station?

a serious violation. Despite the possible sanctions, there are always who tries to manage get rid of being president or vocal.

One of the reasons that would be justified for not sitting at the table on election day is ageas both the President and the Members must do so be younger than 70 years. Although they have over 65 years they can resign within seven days.

Likewise, the chairman of the table must be able to read and write and have the title Bachelor education or from Professional education (FP) of the second degree, although the To graduate or its equivalent. Two alternates are appointed for each board member via the same procedure.

The Electoral Council must confirm the dismissal

You can resign, but the reason must always be justified In any case, the resignation must be submitted A week earlier. After issuing the notification, the Electoral Council responds within a few days with confirmation that it is not allowed to go to the electoral college to monitor the process.

Justified reasons for not going to a polling station

In addition to your age, there are other reasons that may justify your dismissal as part of the table:

  • Age: orphan over 65 years old.
  • Have a situation incompetence.
  • Retired status absolute permanent disability and major handicap.
  • Be at least six months pregnant or, failing that, be in the corresponding period motherly peace. In both cases, the person must prove the facts by accrediting them with a medical certificate or with a copy of the written recognition.
  • Hospital admission in a penitentiary center or a Psychiatric hospitalin which case those who must prove the corresponding justification will be responsible for it.
  • Have been victim of a crimesuspected or pronounced, on the basis of which a judicial decision has been issued that remains in force or imposing a fine or conservatory measure of a ban on approaching, in the event that the convicted or investigated recipient of the ban is found to be registered in the Census corresponding to one of the tables of the electoral college to which the table of which the applicant must be a part belongs.
  • Belong to confessions or religious communities with a closure regime that prevents the exercise of functions.
  • Change of habitual residence to another autonomous community.

What should I do if I have been a member of the board more than once?

You may be lucky if chance has taken its toll on you, as the law states that if you were previously part of a polling station, at least in three times in the last ten yearsreleases you from this obligation.

Justified professional apologies

If the focus is placed exclusively on professional goals, they are not allowed to sit at the electoral table:

  • The professionals who have to do that lend your services to the electoral commissions.
  • Workers considered essential services such as doctors, healthcare, civil protection, firefighters
  • General information for media directorsas well as the heads of information services.
  • Professionals who have to participate public events which cannot be suspended without relevant economic consequences.

When are members of a polling station elected?

Each polling station is composed a chairman And two members with public office which are decided by public drawing of lots. The draw to choose the members of a table will be held between the twenty-fifth and twenty-ninth day after the call, as laid down in the regulations. Failure to attend the electoral table can be a serious offense for which up to “a imprisonment from three months to one year” or a fine amount between six and 24 months.

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