Ayuso confirms that he will meet Milei on his next visit to Spain

diplomatic conflict with ArgentinaNow that the Argentine government has raised its tone and given rise to deceptions from the right and the far right, Madrid's leader has reaffirmed her position. planning to meet Javier Milei on his next visit to Spain, scheduled for June 21.

“If we can do that, yes. And if not, it will be another time”Ayuso emphasized on Monday during an interview in the program 'The critical view' (Telecinco), presented and directed by Ana Terradillos. “The Argentinian people feel at home when they are in Madrid […] Milei too,” the leader added popular.

Likewise, Ayuso, as has become customary, has not hesitated position yourself on the side of the Argentine government in this crusade that he has decided to undertake against the Spanish executive in general and against Pedro Sánchez in particular. In this sense, the President of Madrid has emphasized this It was Spain that 'everything started with insulting and slandering'. “He was called far-right, crazy, a drug addict…” he complained, assuring that all this mess has not helped “in relations with this president.” “Nobody likes this happening because we are brother countries and we share many citizens,” Ayuso said.

Ayuso positions himself next to Netanyahu: “It's our fault”

On the other hand, in the above-mentioned interview, Ayuso also pitted himself against the Israeli government led by the far-right Benjamin Netanyahu threats against Spain. “They call for the eradication of Israel and they do it justify what Hamas terrorism plans to do to this state”Ayuso has been critical.

“The government causes this all the time because He must stay with the extreme left of his governmentand also engage in international politics beyond its borders in order to gain the prestige abroad that it does not have in Spain,” he added.

It must be remembered that the The Israeli offensive has already left almost 36,000 dead and hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced persons. An ethnic cleansing that Israel does not seem to want to stop, despite the recent order by the International Court of Justice to immediately stop the siege of Rafah.

Ayuso views the treatment of her partner as “savage” and believes that “the powers of the state” strive “to ensure that he does not have the right to defense”

In the same way, Ayuso also got wet on the trial against his partner, Alberto González Amador. For example, the president of Madrid has judged that the treatment of her friend is “savage” and has insisted that “all the powers of the state act in such a way that he has no right of defense, so that whatever happens happens.” ” happens, their rights have been violated.”

“They started asking me all kinds of questions, they called a person whose rights have been violated a criminal. Their tax inspection is split. I don't know in how many cases something like this is done. And it's normal, everyone has done that. a tax inspection like yours,” he noted. 'This treatment seems cruel to me because in 95% of cases everything is in consultation with the Ministry of Finance. These agreements are not filtered and the Public Prosecution Service does not take the lead, divides the Public Prosecution Service into channels, tries to turn this man into a criminal and also provides all kinds of personal information through all media,” he added.

In addition, he has criticized the fact that the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, “dedicates minutes to an individual, a citizen whose rights have been violated, due to the fact that he is the partner of.” 'What seems most serious to me is how all… The state powers act in such a way that he has no right to defenseso that whatever happens, their rights have been violated, which seems to me most striking,” he concluded.

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