Ayuso supports her partner's complaint to Madrid City Council for leaking data about her illegal work: “She must defend herself”

The complaint filed by Alberto González against the government of Almeida with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has the support of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, his partner and president of the Community of Madrid. “A citizen has the right to defend himself if an institution discloses personal data to any government,” he explained to the media on Friday. “You cannot be permanently defenseless.”

The leader of the regional PP has criticized the disclosure of data on the file certifying the illegal work in the apartment in which she lives, in the possession of the Chamber's administration. He assures that it is “personal data” and that “it has been leaked to the Socialist Party, Más Madrid and the press.” And he added: “Can you imagine what the data of any of those who are here could be and the district administration leaks it out without any restrictions? It seems to me that this, of course, like any citizen, must defend himself and ask for protection from the institutions, which are for that and not the opposite.”

He also limited the council's implications in the case to an “administrative” issue. “It doesn't seem like a political issue,” he said, before asking: “Is that normal? “This obviously needs to be investigated and see if there is a possible crime of lack of custody.”

Alberto González Amador has filed a report with the AEPD of the Madrid City Council, accusing it of leaking data related to the file of the illegal work he carried out in his apartment in Chamberí in 2022. The complaint was announced this Friday, when The debate published the news citing “sources close to the council.”

The construction file of the apartment in which González Amador lives with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has been the subject of controversy since it became known that it was renovated thanks to works without a permit. How Somos Madrid progressed in mid-May and confirmed by the city council itself at the end of the same month with an on-site inspection.

The property was purchased in the summer of 2022, after known tax fraud by Alberto González, which was unveiled last March by elDiario.es.

Today, after the Ayuso couple's complaint became known, the Socialists assured that they “always respect the principle of confidentiality and the obligation of secrecy of all data, both of these and of the other files they receive.” The municipal spokesperson, Reyes Maroto, emphasized that “Almeida yesterday described our complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office as ridiculous. I would like to know how he describes the alleged complaint from the President's partner for the same reason and whether he has spoken to Ayuso about this. matter.”

The other political party featured in the complaint, Más Madrid, describes the lawsuit as a “smokescreen.” “The problem is not the leak of a file, but the favorable treatment that the Ayuso clan has received by the Almeida municipal council,” explain sources from Rita Maestre's party, who on March 20 revealed irregularities in urban planning in the apartment of Alberto González Amador. , which forced the municipality to inspect the building.


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