Does Square Enix own Star Ocean?

Does Square Enix own Star Ocean?

In the world of video games, ownership of intellectual properties can often be a complex and convoluted matter. One such franchise that has sparked much debate and speculation is Star Ocean, a popular series of role-playing games known for their expansive worlds and captivating storylines. The question on many fans’ minds is: Does Square Enix own Star Ocean?

To answer this question, we need to delve into the history of the franchise. Star Ocean was originally developed by the Japanese video game company Enix Corporation, which later merged with Square Co., Ltd. in 2003 to form Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. This merger brought together two giants in the gaming industry, and with it came the consolidation of their respective intellectual properties.

Since the merger, Square Enix has indeed held the rights to the Star Ocean franchise. This means that they have the authority to develop, publish, and distribute any future installments of the series. It’s worth noting that the original creators of Star Ocean, the development studio tri-Ace, continue to work closely with Square Enix on the development of new games in the franchise.


Q: What does it mean for Square Enix to own a franchise?
A: When a company owns a franchise, it means they have the legal rights to control and profit from the intellectual property associated with that franchise. This includes the ability to create new games, merchandise, and other related content.

Q: Will there be more Star Ocean games in the future?
A: As Square Enix currently owns the franchise, it is likely that we will see more Star Ocean games in the future. However, the exact timing and details of any future releases have not been officially announced.

Q: Are there any plans for a Star Ocean sequel?
A: While Square Enix has not made any specific announcements regarding a new Star Ocean sequel, the franchise has a dedicated fan base, and it is not uncommon for successful franchises to receive sequels or spin-offs.

In conclusion, Square Enix does indeed own the Star Ocean franchise. As fans eagerly await news of future installments, they can rest assured that the series is in the hands of a company known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the gaming industry.

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