Greece is experiencing a trickle of deaths among foreign hikers due to the heatwave

Of unusually high temperatures At this time of year, Greek authorities fear that foreign tourists are not sufficiently informed about the dangers of exerting great physical exertion in high temperatures. A total of four foreigners have now been killed, while Greek emergency teams are searching for another four people.

Remarkable they were allover 55 years old and they had gone walking along the rocky paths of several remote islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

“I would like to see more security cameras and better lighting systems on these roads. If there is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy, it is that these paths need to be better taken care of so that people do not get lost,” said Elefzerios Papakalodukas, mayor of Symi, the island where the man's lifeless body appeared. the famous BBC presenter told local media last Sunday. Michael Mosley.

In turn, several officials from the islands where the disappearances occurred have asked that tourists be informed about the consequences of the disappearances. high temperatures have a negative effect on health human. They have also indicated that signage of walking routes needs to be improved and the safety of the paths must be ensured to prevent falls, accidents or getting lost.

Disappearances and deaths

This Saturday, Greek authorities recovered the lifeless body of the 75-year-old Dutchman who disappeared on the island of Samos last Sunday while on a hiking trail. It should be remembered that so far three other tourists have lost their lives on the islands of Crete and Simi while walking in the middle of the day, and with thermometers showing temperatures much higher than normal at this time. of the year.

Since Friday, Greek authorities have launched a search operation to locate two missing persons on the island of Sikinos, in the Cyclades archipelago.

These are two women with French nationality, aged 73 and 64, who stayed in different hotels, but knew each other. It should be recalled that the search continues for the two American citizens, aged 59 and 70, who disappeared on the islands of Amorgós, in the Aegean Sea, and Mathraki, north of Corfu.

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