Important message from Leonor to young people at the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards

the future monarch during his speech at the 15th Princess of Girona Foundation Awards ceremony, held in Lloret de Mar (Girona). Throughout the speech he spoke in Catalan and Spanish to briefly explain the history of the six winners.

At the beginning of her speech, Leonor greeted the attendees “from the heart of the Costa Brava”, highlighting the combination of innovation and beauty of the place. In the same way, he has described the winners as exceptional people, highlighting their journeys, emotions, determination and efforts to make things work. In addition, he has mentioned promises, heroes and heroines, tears, illusions and even “little plants”, referring to the ecologist Moisés Expósito-Alonso, Scientific Research Award 2024.

On the other hand, he praised Susana Arrechea, chemical engineer and co-founder of New Sun Road Guatemala (Crea Empresa International Award), for bringing connectivity and energy to indigenous communities. He also highlighted actress Victoria Luengo (Art Award) for her passion and respect for acting. Next. the architect referred Daniel Miller (Social Award) as a “social craftsman” who creates alliances between public, private, academic and community sectors, in addition to celebrating the work of the chemical researcher Yarivith Carolina Gonzalez (International Research Award) for the recycling of metals in lithium ion batteries.

Similarly, Elonor has praised the architect and co-founder of Auara y Liux, Antonio Espinosa of the Monteros (Company Award), for their work to bring drinking water to countries without access to clean water, highlighting the challenging reality that 700 million people still do not have access to drinking water.

Queen Letizia in an archive image. Europa-press

Princess Leonor stressed that all the winners have in common that they have found references to move forward when they felt incapable, ignored or small. He also appreciated their ability to think differently and take risks, redefining concepts such as sustainable, accessible and inclusive, and becoming leaders of their generation. Finally, Leonor stressed that the winners discovered their potential and contribution, both from culture with its transformative power, and from science with its vocation to solve problems. She also wanted to take this moment to thank the companies and institutions that have believed in the FPdGi since its creation 15 years ago, when she was 3 years old, pointing out that the Foundation's impact is clearly visible in the thousands of young people it accompanies.

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