Microsoft Rewards: Changes in Point System Raise Concerns

Microsoft Rewards has long been a favorite among Xbox users, offering an opportunity to earn free credit for various perks. However, recent changes in the points system have raised concerns among loyal users.

One significant change that has caught the attention of gamers is the decrease in points earned for achieving milestones in Xbox Game Pass. Previously, players were rewarded with a satisfying 50 points for each achievement unlocked. However, this has now been reduced to a mere 5 points per achievement, leaving many disappointed.

The news quickly spread across social media platforms, with gamers expressing their frustration at the significant drop in potential points. The prominent Xbox player Stallion83 even took to Twitter to share his disappointment, posting a screenshot showing the drastic decrease in rewards.

Despite the outcry from the community, Microsoft has remained silent regarding these changes. This has only fueled speculation among users that the point reduction may not have been a mistake but an intentional decision. If true, this would mean that players are faced with a substantial loss of over 1000 potential points each month.

While the decrease in rewards may be disheartening, there are still various rewarding opportunities available through Microsoft Rewards. Gamers can explore alternative methods highlighted in Pure Xbox’s comprehensive Microsoft Rewards guide. The guide provides detailed information on alternative point-earning activities, ensuring that users can continue to make the most of this program.

As the community continues to voice their concerns and opinions on this matter, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft addresses the situation and provides clarity to its loyal user base. What are your thoughts on these changes? Share your opinions and experiences in the comment section below.


Q: What is Microsoft Rewards?
A: Microsoft Rewards is a program that allows Xbox users to earn free credit for various perks.

Q: What was the recent change in the points system that raised concerns among users?
A: The recent change in the points system reduced the number of points earned for achieving milestones in Xbox Game Pass. Previously, players earned 50 points per achievement unlocked, but now they only earn 5 points per achievement.

Q: Why are gamers disappointed with the decrease in points?
A: Gamers are disappointed because the decrease in points significantly reduces their potential rewards and credits.

Q: Has Microsoft addressed these changes?
A: No, Microsoft has not responded to the changes or provided any clarification on the matter.

Q: Are there still other rewarding opportunities available through Microsoft Rewards?
A: Yes, there are still various alternative methods for earning points highlighted in Pure Xbox’s Microsoft Rewards guide.


– Xbox Game Pass: A subscription service offered by Microsoft that allows users to access a library of games for a monthly fee.
– Social media platforms: Online platforms that allow users to create and share content with a wider audience, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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