Palestine has just enough time in Congress because some are busy with something else

The parliamentary via crucis of 2024 will be very long. We have had three regional elections and the European elections are approaching. All have virtually suspended legislative activities, which are already moving at a slow pace. This week we witness how two issues (Criminal Code reform on prostitution and housing law) separate the PSOE from its left-wing partners. It is therefore dependent on support from the PP, which it will not receive.

Wednesday's plenary session witnessed a scene that can be described as historic, as long as it is clear that the adjective will not have a major impact either. Pedro Sánchez announced the recognition of the Palestinian state, which will come into effect on May 28. But the news was submerged in a plenary session where they talked about Gaza, Ukraine, Milei, the mud, Begoña Gómez, the economy… Historic, but in the end it became another reason to wipe the slate clean.

The recognition of Palestine is a symbolic measure that should not have a major impact on the ground. Sweden did it in 2014. Together with Spain, Ireland and Norway will now do it. 140 countries already recognize the Palestinian State, represented by the Palestinian Authority chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, a government without real power, boycotted by Israel and in which the Palestinians themselves do not have much confidence.

All this in the middle of a new Nakba, the product of the genocidal response against the civilian population and the Israeli attempt to destroy Gaza, for which it has already killed almost 35,000 Gazans, 8,000 of them children and adolescents, 5,000 women. and 2,000 are elderly, according to figures from the Gaza Ministry of Health, accepted as a reliable count by the UN and the US State Department.

“The international community has long owed a historic debt to Palestine,” Sánchez said. “We stand with you and there is light at the end of the tunnel.” The latter radiated an optimism that is unfortunately out of touch with reality.

The president made the statement a day after the North American government condemned the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor's Office to file war crimes charges against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Defense Minister as “outrageous ” had described, but also against the leaders of Hamas.

Joe Biden did not rule out that the US would adopt sanctions against the ICC, which would be a demonstration that the so-called “rules-based international order” – a continued call from the US and the European Union – is little more than a fiction. .

The ICC prosecutor gave a bloody example this week in an interview with CNN. “Some elected leaders told me this outright. “This court was made for Africa and for criminals like Putin,” said Karim Khan.

Sánchez responded to this situation: “Our respect for human rights cannot depend on skin color or religion.” To which it could be added that the ICC should be able to investigate alleged war crimes committed by US allies.

Feijóo spent just enough time on Palestine. That means: as little as possible. He stated that the decision announced by Sánchez is not a priority for his party, although he is not directly against it. He has put it off for so long that, as several European governments have done, he is confident it will never have to happen. “The priority is to hand over the hostages, a ceasefire, the distribution of humanitarian aid and, once this is achieved, let's talk about a two-state solution,” he said.

The PP leader was more interested in talking about Sánchez's wife, which was also a reason for the president's action. He did it again with insinuations and threats. He asked for an explanation, “because he is doing it today, or he will do it in the Senate,” convened by the PP. It appears that Sánchez is assuming he will have to appear before the Senate investigative committee and has even said he would be “delighted” to go.

Feijóo used Begoña Gómez with a question that allowed her to say something without accusing anything specific. “Are you aware that your wife is under investigation in a court in Madrid?” As a gimmick it wasn't bad. A court in Madrid has agreed to investigate a complaint from a far-right organization, but the truth is that it did not call Gómez to testify as a defendant.

The PP is not so interested in the National Court's investigation of the Koldo case in which it has tried to implicate Gómez, as El Confidencial did in its first information when it linked the president's wife to the CEO of Globalia and with one of his advisors. , which is prominently present in the judicial investigation. The magistrate rejected the request to call Begoña Gómez as a witness because he did not consider it relevant to the case. Thank goodness for the PP that another judge agreed to weigh in, just by receiving a collection of newspaper clippings.

Spanish politics is concerned with these matters. Palestine had just enough time in the House. Apparently the case was not enough for a full monograph. I couldn't pursue much more.

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