Ribera is confronted with the proposals of the candidates for the European elections, thus showing the triumphs of the government

last election debate in the run-up to the European elections on June 9. In this last meeting, the candidates from the nine parties represented in the European Parliament took part: Teresa Ribera (PSOE), Dolor's Montserrat (PP), Jordi Canas (Citizens), Jorge Buxade (Vox), Galan star (Add), Diana Riba (Now republics), Irene Montero (Can), Oihane Agirregoitia (Coalition for a Europe of Solidarity) and Aleix Sarri (Together+).

The main clashes took place between Ribera and Montserrat, between PSOE and PP, and at the expense of the issue that has taken over the news after the call of the Right haircut Begoña Gómez, wife of Pedro Sánchez, will testify on July 5 as investigated, as well as Puigdemont's amnesty. “The PSOE has no project and bases everything on mud, on radicalism,” the PP candidate accused, while Ribera regretted this. the PP program “focuses on a false complaint about Clean Hands”.

Beyond this, the pacts with the extreme right and its rise in Europe. The forces of the left have joined forces to fight against these right-wing and far-right pacts and Teresa Ribera has emphasized that they are not asking her “about Catalonia in Europe, but about the far right”: “The main message of the elections is whether we choose a Europe in black and white or colorluminous and for progress.”

And furthermore, the socialist added: “You start by introducing the far right into the institutions and in the end you convert and feed on it.” Subsequently, Montserrat emerged from the PP field defensebut Jordi Cañas, from Ciudadanos, has revealed that they were the ones who cared about the countryside in the governments that were part of the popular governments, just as Ribera has laughed at the Montserrat proposals.

In turn, Jorge Buxadé, far-right candidate, has demonstrated the climate denial of the far right, mocking the Agenda 2030 and asked why no candidate wore the typical pin of this action plan for sustainable development.

And from Sumar, Estrella Galán warned about this the European Green Deal is “in danger” by the far right, and therefore calls for a 'strong defense of the ecological transition', ensuring that 'thousands of hundreds of green jobs' will be created by having natural resources such as 'solar and wind'.

Ribera benefits from the economic data

In the economic field, Ribera has benefited from the good data, with the last star worn by the government after knowing the figures employment data most recent: “Today we have more people working than ever: 21 million. We have a well-functioning economy and we have guaranteed that more services, benefits and social justice. Today we talk about how Europe must unite to build a strong economy.”

But following her party's stance, the PP candidate has asked the Socialists what they will do after the Europeans with the shopping basket. “Will they increase VAT on purchases after the European one? Their silence indicates that they will continue to suffocate us with taxes (…) Reduce the VAT on fish and rice,” he said, and then Cañas replied to Montserrat that it was Ciudadanos who promoted the measure that the PP is appropriating in this situation . debate.

For his part, Irene Monterofrom Podemos, has brought themes together and emphasized that 'Peace' is the most important measure for 'economy, climate and energy' from everyone. “We cannot cope with the ecological transition or climate change if we do not transform the economic model. It means vulture funds don't buy houses or land for macro farms, and stop subsidizing companies that sell fossil fuels. Let no one forget that of all the proposals, none will be possible in a war economy. “Peace is the economic, climatic and energy measure, it is the most important of all.”

First of all, in addition to the criticism from the right, Teresa Ribera has once again expressed her support for the Iberian solution in Europe: “I missed them when we saw in the summer of 2021 that the price of energy skyrocketed, it was difficult to avoid the European Commission convince of the Iberian solution. Those who said they were defending him voted against. Thanks to the energy revolution, we have had prices much lower than in the rest of Europe,” he said, referring to the PP and Vox.

Tensions around immigration due to xenophobic and racist discourse

In the field of immigration, there have been tense moments due to ultra-measures and perspectives regarding migrants. “I call you a racist because you are a racist.“, Irene Montero snapped at Buxadé to end her racist and xenophobic speech. But not only the far-right candidate has spoken deplorable words about migrants, but also the PP candidate and the Ciudadanos candidate.

While Jordi Cañas has referred to immigrants as a “flog' and asked Montero if what he wants is 'let all Africa come to SpainAnd that “you cannot welcome everyone”, Dolors Montserrat has once again expressed the ideology of the PP, in favor of orderly immigration that does not encourage crime. In response, Ribera has been blunt: “I don't know if he apologizes to the Guardia Civil after President Feijóo's statements at the UCO. But he has no apology for the racist comments they have made against Catalan women and against immigrants. Copying Vox in words and actions ultimately leads to them becoming far-right.” “We Spaniards are not xenophobic or racist, we support,” he concluded, also emphasizing that migration is not synonymous with crime.

Foreign policy, defense and security

In the last block, Montserrat has promised to reform the European order to avoid a situation like that of Carles Puigdemont: “The Sánchez government embraces and rewards the Catalan independence movement with Puigdemont. What is happening in Spain would be unthinkable in any European democracy. From the PP we are going to reform the euro order so that the refugees do not walk around freely.”

From Sumar they have advocated taking “more practical steps” in favor of Palestine. “Today we took an important step with Palestine, but we must stop the genocide and take more steps: embargoes on weapons and severance of diplomatic relations immediately. We want to see Netanyahu on the bench,” Galán emphasized.

Jose Manuel Albarés, Minister of Foreign Affairs.  EP.

“Peace is not a magic thing,” said the Ciudadanos candidate, making sure that Putin has broken it and that we have to defend ourselves, not diplomacy, so that Montero immediately intervened and asked us to continue without getting to know each other . bunkers and emphasize that violence cannot be stopped with more violence.

Europe was built for peace and not war”, Diana Riba of Ahora Repúblicas has emphasized in this regard, saying that we “need to talk more about diplomacy, humanitarian aid, development, and not about the arms industry.”

For his part, Ribera has advocated listening to the United Nations in the context of war conflicts, reminding Montserrat that José María Aznar sent Spanish troops to Iraq. “We are facing enormous, complicated situations near our borders. It requires strengthening Europe with one voice, which Borrell does by convening a conference for Palestine, regardless of territory. When in doubt, it is always good to support what the United Nations says,” he stressed.

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