Rosa Villacastín's indispensable message on the Canary Islands' attitude towards migrants

situation experienced by African migrants and their perilous journeys to reach the Canary Islands, the communicator has remembered how the islanders behave.

This is how he put it Rosa Villacastinwho also remembered the position of Vox and the Popular Party: “The Canarians give an example of solidarity. Every day boats arrive at their coasts with hundreds, thousands of men, women and children in miserable conditions. They welcome them, they give them food, a bed and a roof. The PP-Vox and Junts refuse to take these children. Cruelty“.

With these statements against the far right, Villacastín refers to the position of the above-mentioned parties regarding immigrants.

PP and Vox: rift over the distribution of immigrants

The Popular Party (PP) has agreed to distribute unaccompanied migrants during a meeting with the government and the autonomous communities in the Canary Islands. This decision has led Vox to threaten to break government agreements with the PP. Santiago AbascalVox leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of the PP, has criticized him, accusing him of violating agreements by forcing the regions to take in 400 unaccompanied minors.

Abascal used social networks for this purpose criticize Feijóo for collaborating with the PSOE and in Europe against Spanish interests. In this way, the far right ensures that they do not become complicit in the problems that they believe minors bring with them.

The central government proposes that the autonomy governed in coalition by the PP and Vox welcome a total of 110 minors: Aragon (20), Castilla y León (21), the Valencian Community (23), Extremadura (30) and Murcia (30). The Balearic Islands, where the PP governs with external support from Vox, would host ten minors. Vox has been warning the PP for days that they will break the regional governments if they accept the distribution of unaccompanied migrant children. Abascal reiterated that the PP must use all political and legal means to oppose the distribution.

Despite the warnings, The PP communities approved the distribution of 347 minor migrants during the meeting in Tenerife. This includes 209 minors in regions co-governed with Vox. However, they have postponed their decision to support the reform of the immigration law, which would make the distribution of minors mandatory when the regions of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are overwhelmed.

The PSOE is “delighted” by the split between Vox and PP

The PSOE has expressed “delight” at the expected split between Vox and PP in the autonomous communities in which they govern, claiming that it would be 'perfect' if the 'far right' were not part of the regional executive powers and were unable to implement 'their policies', even though this damages the socialists' argument.

Pere Aragonès, President of the Generalitat (ERC), and Carles Puigdemont, former President and leader of Junts, in 2022. EP

This was stated by the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, in an interview on Antena 3, reported by Europa Press, in which he welcomed the possibility that in Spain “it will happen as in France” – where there is a cordon sanitaire against the establishment of Marine Le Pen, and has described it as “politically and socially perfect”.

López has rejected the idea that a split between the PP and Vox would leave the Socialists, who usually attack Alberto Núñez's Feijóo, “without arguments” for their pact with the formation of Santiago Abascal, and has assured that the PSOE “would be delighted if it did not have any arguments on that front.”

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