Sumar and his partners have had enough of the PSOE: 'They are not learning the lesson'

Government made an attempt this Thursday to blame the Popular Party for its second parliamentary failure in the judicial phase 48 hours – after the pimp law promoted by the PSOE was overturned on Tuesday – but he could hardly hide his legislative inability. The withdrawal of the Soil law Minutes before it was debated and voted on in Congress' plenary, it shook the day. And it rains when it's wet. The maneuver has few precedents. And never in the history of democracy has an executive been unable to present its own General budgets. And all this after six turbulent months in office, the months that have passed since the inauguration in November Pedro Sanchez. A brief inventory reflects the difficulties encountered by Moncloa, which has not always seen or desired even the ratification of decrees with success. In January government He watched as one fell and the other two advanced with the 'in extremis' support of Junts per Catalunya. He same group independence movement that led the PSOE to lose a first vote on the amnesty law, the key to a legislature in the hands of Carlos Puigdemontand then realign it with the fugitive former Catalan president.

Yesterday also brought the tiredness Your partners for his actions with the own initiatives and the increasing certainty of an unstable legislature of uncertain duration. At the same time, the PSOE has not hidden its views dissatisfied with Sumar. A partner that considered itself a less tough coalition partner than Podemos during the previous legislature, although the facts are increasingly calling that idea into question. And to show this week's button. Yolanda Díaz's They voted against a Socialist Group bill that was rejected, the proposal on pimping, and helped to withdraw it before receiving the same corrective project from the Council of Ministers itself, the aforementioned Land Act. It never happened under Pablo Iglesias.

Sumar's spokesperson, Iñigo Errejóncalled the rule a “culture of hitting the ball” and the first vice president, María Jesús Montero, immediately afterwards accused conference corridor his partner to take action for purely electoral reasons, shortly before the European campaign that starts today. On the surface the atmosphere warmed, but underground it didn't exactly improve. Sources from Sumar They accuse the PSOE of not wanting to seriously discuss this project – apart from the formalism – in the EU Council of Ministers and the socialists express their weariness in the behavior of their partners.

“The PSOE promoted a law that they knew did not have our support, but they quickly implemented it”

Iñigo Errejón

Sumar spokesperson

To the allies, more of the same. Sources from the nationalist and independence groups that the Managerial express their bewilderment that projects achieve scope with current arithmetic the courts without hardly any negotiation. And they point that out Sanchez This situation is not new. “They don't learn their lesson,” says one of those leaders. Another assures that “the PP is impossible Now let him approve something for you,” although everyone tries to see the glass half full and does not believe that the legislature is in danger, at least in the short term, since “Sánchez wants to hold on,” they conclude.

“What happened this week showed what doesn't have to happen for the legislature to get its way.”

Oscar Matute

Bildu deputy spokesperson

There are various accusations that accumulate and for quite a few reasons heterogeneous. There are those who point out that even the recognition of Palestine as a state, Sánchez's great political asset in foreign affairs will be utilized Council of Ministers it should have been brought to Congress for ratification next Tuesday. And that, by not doing this, the distrust towards Moncloasince it would not be impossible, they estimated, that Junts would add his rejection to that of in that final scenario PP and Vox.

“Sánchez does not have a majority in Madrid or Catalonia. He's had two reality baths this week.”

Miriam Nogueras

Junt's spokesman

'They have no involvement whatsoever'

The truth was early on that the PP had not guaranteed that support for the law, even with an abstention on the amendments from all parliaments. ERC, Junts and Podemosand to prevent the defeat from being reflected in the House's voting panel, the government chose to take it personally. It was on the minister of housingIsabel Rodríguez, who appeared next to the Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Agenda in the courtyard of Congress, David Lucas, and that of Relations with the Cortes, Rafael Simancas. More smilingly than his subordinates, he regretted that the PP wanted to “stumble the government” despite, he argued, the fact that Alberto Núñez Feijoo “They agree this is a good law.” When asked whether the same behavior could then be attributed to its allies, Rodríguez, mayor of Puertollano (Ciudad Real) before joining the government in 2021, admitted that they “are not as involved in the Spanish municipal administration or in the territory as the two most important parties have.” of this country, that we know what this standard is about, what interests it tries to safeguard the importance of the municipal councils', he concluded, launching a whole paroxysm of political profundity against his allies and almost involuntary praise for the PP.

“The 'these are lentils' thing; As the PSOE tells us too often: it is bad business in politics.

Gabriel Rufian

ERC spokesperson

All only 24 hours after Sánchez reiterated that during his appearance in the parliamentary plenary on Wednesday Feijoo of a radicalized party that, in the opinion of the PSOE leader, only knows how to spread the 'mud' in national politics. Isabel RodriguezOn the other hand, he urged the parliamentary groups to resume the land legislation project, which she defined as “technical” and “non-ideological”, and also useful to resolve the “legal uncertainty”, the sector minister emphasized, in many urban developments in our country. At the same time, according to the diagnosis, it facilitates the protection of the environment and urban mobility.

antagonistic opinions to those of his allies. He Sumar spokespersonÍñigo Errejón accused his senior partner of promoting a law “knowing he did not have our support.” Podemos leader Ione Belarra expressed her joy at the repeal of the standard. He ERC spokespersonWarning Gabriel Rufián that “this 'these are lentils' is not a good thing in politics”, Aitor Esteban (PNV) asked for “a lot of consensus on what is presented” and for “choosing the moments well.” Oskar Matute (Bildu) called what happened this week a wrong path Miriam Nogueras (Junts) spoke of “two reality checks” in a row for Sánchez “who does not have a majority in Madrid not even in Catalonia».

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