'The intention is to take a step back from the acquired rights'

The Minister of Equality, Ana Redondohe criticized during the demonstration of Pride of Madrid that in “some” autonomous communities “it is being trivialized, frivolized with stereotypes and that an attempt is being made to take a step back in the rights acquired.”

“All this that we have achieved, that the proud Spanish Socialist Party of the working class has advanced, can easily be reversed. We see it in some autonomous communities like this one in Madrid, in some town halls like this one, the Madrid City Council, where stereotypes are trivialized and trivialized and attempts are made to take a step back from the rights that have been acquired,” Redondo said in statements to the media before taking part in the Madrid Pride demonstration.

In this sense, Redondo recalled the government's appeal to the unconstitutionality of the Community of Madridwhich has said it plans to “reduce rights” and return society “to the cave.”

“We will continue to make this society progress in terms of rights, we will continue to be that international reference that we are now and that we want to continue to be,” he noted. In the same way, the head of Equality celebrated Pride and demanded “a free, open society with rights for all.”

'And today we enjoy a freer, more open society, a sdiverse societyto. Diversity is human and that is why this party is proud today to have achieved a very important change for this society,” said the minister.

For its part, the PSOE Secretary of LGTBI Policy, Victor Gutierrezhas claimed the importance of Madrid Pride, in light of the “reactionary” and “ultra-right” he said is being experienced in Europe.

He also regrets the lack of support from the PP, “not only in symbolic matters that need to be surpassed, such as displaying a flag at the town hall or in the The Community of Madridsomething that both Almeida and Ayuso flatly refuse to do, but with things that have substance, such as the first setback in LGTBI material that we must not forget, which took place here in the community of Madrid.

Several people demonstrate in favor of Palestine during the proclamation of Madrid Pride 2024 (MADO 2024), in Pedro Zerolo Square, on July 3, 2024 in Madrid, Spain. EP

Yolanda Díaz, Ernest Urtasun and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, present at the demonstration

The Pride demonstration began on Saturday, July 6 in Madrid at around 7:10 p.m. from the Carlos V roundabout, behind a banner with the motto “Education, Rights and Peace: Pride that transforms.” The turnaround was attended by the second vice-president of the government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz; the Minister of Equality, Ana Redondo; that of Culture, Ernest Urtasun; that of Internal Affairs, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; and the convening entities, the LGTBI+ State Federation and the LGTBI Collective of Madrid.

According to organizers, the march will pass through the center of Madrid to “demand the widespread implementation of diversity education as a means to combat LGTBI-phobia,” and to “demand the development of the LGTBI law and an end to violence against the Palestinian people.”

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