They are renaming Almeida because of the serious problems with waste accumulation

the capital of Spain is realizing José Luis Martinez Almeida . Every day we see unfortunate images that point to the major problem surrounding Madrid. The situation is such that there are already people who have renamed the Madrid councilor with the name of “the mayor of filth”.

The commentary, published on the social network Felix Lopez Rey. 'There is little talk about Almeida's mismanagement in Madrid'has noticed this.

In Madrid, cleaning is done by district

If anything defines the management of both the Mayor and the President of the Community, it is their classism. And how could it not be less, Madrid's cleaning goes through neighborhoods. A recent report has highlighted the disparity in the cleanliness of neighborhoods in the Spanish capital, revealing a significant gap between areas with high purchasing power and the most modest. The study, which examines in detail the frequency of cleaning and waste collection services, indicates that the cleanest neighborhoods are also the wealthiest, as Chamberí, Retiro and Salamancawhile the working class neighborhoods like that Villa de Vallecas, Puente de Vallecas and Villaverde They are the most neglected.

The report uses a classification system of four cleaning levels, where level 1 represents the most intensive cleaning and level 4 the least frequent cleaning. The data is compelling: only 2% of Villa de Vallecas receives level 1 cleaning, compared to 32% of Chamberí. In Retiro, level 1 applies to 30%, while in Villaverde this is only 3%.

Level 1 involves deep cleaning five times a week, with workers collecting all types of waste and a tanker truck cleaning the streets. Level 3, on the other hand, only cleans once a week and is swept every other day. Intermediate spaces, with level 2, are manually cleaned on alternate days of the week.

The chairman of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.  EP

The frequency and quality of cleaning services not only impact the aesthetics of neighborhoods, but also their quality life of its inhabitants. In areas where the level of hygiene is not the highest, it is common to find waste residues that have not been collected several days a week. Furthermore, the distribution of these services is not proportional to the amount of waste produced by each neighbourhood, which worsens the situation in the most densely populated areas with the lowest incomes.

The report suggests that the unequal distribution of cleaning services can be influenced by political factors. The areas most affected by the People's Partysuch as Mirasierra, receive more and better cleaning services compared to areas that vote left, such as towns A and B in the Valverde district.

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