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Babieca's Leap: Unraveling the Legend of Sierra del Cid. Image: Sierra del Cid / Facebook

The Sierra del Cid in Elda is a mountain located between Petrel and Monforte del Cid and covers approximately 51 square kilometers.

It is part of the Protected Landscape Sierra del Cid and Maigmó, in addition to neighboring municipalities.

Essentially it forms a massif with a flat top, flanked by two prominent peaks: the “Silla del Cid”, which resembles a saddle at 1147 meters, and the “Cumbre del Cid” at 1104 meters.

The north side is characterized by steep cliffs and walls.

According to legend, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as the Cid Campeador, surrounded his horse Babieca along the Sierra del Caballo mountain, he faced an Islamic threat.

With a daring move, he spurred Babieca on and jumped into the void.

Babieca flew over the valley and landed miles away.

The story suggests that Babieca's hoof left an imprint on the rock, which can still be seen today, immortalizing this feat.

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