With “determination, a goal and tenacity” Espadas rules out his dismissal

The PSOE-A's political project “is not exhausted, it will win in two years”

The socialist spokesperson regards this as the outcome of the elections European parliament held last Sunday, June 9, showed that the PSOE-A has “solid ground” in Andalusia, having placed itself above 32% of the vote to compete with the PP-A.

The PSOE-A has achieved this 935,603 votes in Andalusia which specifically represents 32.2% of the total, compared to the 5.71 points more advantage achieved by the PP-A. It is still a percentage, two points higher than the average, that the PSOE has achieved in Spain in the face of a “scenario of adversity” in which the right boycotts and pays for a scenario unusual for the socialists.

“I am convinced that what we need is determination, a goal, to keep working and to keep believing in ourselves, as I have said so many times. Moreover, we would not be fooled if the percentages did not offer any possibility of hope,” says Espadas, claiming that a difference of 166,000 votes with the Popular Party at that time, in which a political party that did not yet exist two weeks ago like it is The party is over, led by Luis 'Alvise' PérezPredicts a socialist victory in the Andalusian elections scheduled for 2026, simply by doing a great job on the network and a perfectly designed strategy, supported by 'interests I'm not going to talk about', in which Juan Espadas aims to repeat as a candidate for the Presidency of the Council.

Some think that Mr Moreno Bonilla was born on the day he was President of the Government of Andalusia.

“Political cycles should be measured in their entirety, some think the cycle of Moreno Bonilla It started the same day he was born, and before that he has no past or lost elections and I am going to say it loud and clear,” declares the general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, asking citizens to join the premise: “with yesterday's elections, there have been fourteen elections in Andalusia until Mr. Moreno Bonilla became chairman of the board of the popular party.” Fourteen, well, Mr Moreno Bonilla has lost nine, and including last night's elections he has won five.”

“That's why that's the balance, and the first to win wasn't him, but Mariano Rajoy with the generals. I maintain that Pedro Sánchez arrived in 2014 and only won the general elections in 2019.” So he political cycleAccording to Espadas it is It is characterized by its political project and a regional congress.

Regarding the need to analyze the day of the European elections, the Socialist has placed special emphasis on the “low involvement” registered, below 50%, both in Spain as a whole and in Andalusia in particular, emphasizing that this “is not a good figure” to stop the far right, which now has three heads, with reference to the PP, Vox and The party is over.

The Secretary General wanted to defend his party's results, recognizing that they were not what they wanted or were the best, but that they represented 18% of the total votes the party had obtained in Spain, and were only surpassed by two autonomous leaders. communities: Extremadura and Asturias.

Juan Espadas concluded his performance by conveying the guarantee that “he will continue to work” at the head of the PSOE-A, with the “confidence” of the regional leadership, without taking into account short-term changes or resignations, because if this decision is transferred to him he will know where “the exit door” is. For the time being, he will continue to combine his position as spokesperson for the PSOE in the Senate with the Andalusian socialist leadership, noting that His “priority is Andalusia.”

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