Zapatero rules out autonomy for León and proposes a reform of the community

motion approved last June by the Provincial Council of León expresses “a latent and historical sense of need for recognition of León's identity”, which, according to the position of the former socialist leader, “has it”.

'This community cannot have a functioning and governmental system like all the others, with nine provinces and a different personality like León. Powers should be decentralized and we must give more powers to the councils, especially the provincial council of León,” Zapatero proposed.

In the same vein, he spoke about the El Bierzo region, pointing out that it “It also has a personality of its own“and that its institution, the Regional Council of Bierzo, “must be given much more content and powers.”

In the same way it stopped at “the problem of depopulation“, something that in his view also motivated the motion, and on which he stressed the need to “make a much greater effort”. He thus asked the Board of Directors for “a more active plan and more public commitments for development” in the provinces that are affected by this phenomenon.

“It seems to me that the virtue of the motion of the Provincial Council of León is to put a feeling on the table and that it is appropriate to carry out reforms”, continued Zapatero, who has defended that the PSOE's desire is to “initiate a process of debate and reform in the Community in line with the recognition of the personality of León, decentralization and facing depopulation”.

As the former president said, if you ask the citizens of León, they want “to see their personality and hopes recognized”, something that they believe can be done “within the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.”

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