ZKFair Releases First Community-Owned ZK L2 Along with 100% Airdrop

The ZKFair initiative emerges as a community-driven response to injustices and challenges in the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) landscape. It introduces transformative features and a vision for a fairer, more inclusive ZK Layer 2 network.

In response to perceived injustices, inflated valuations, and domination by venture capitalists within the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) landscape, a transformative movement has emerged. Introducing the ZKFair initiative, this community-driven effort seeks to rectify the imbalances and usher in a fairer, more inclusive ZK ecosystem.

ZKFair launched its testnet earlier this month on December 6th. The anticipated Mainnet release shall happen later today, December 20th.

Addressing Challenges of Current ZK Landscape

The existing ZK ecosystem grapples with challenges, including a disproportionately high valuation, formidable barriers hindering user participation, and the prevalent influence of venture capitalists. Moreover, ZK Layer 2 solutions lack differentiation, resulting in user disengagement and manipulation, as projects often incentivize excessive interaction without clear benefits for users.

ZKFair envisions a paradigm shift – a ZK Layer 2 network governed entirely by the community, anchored in principles of fairness and justice. This initiative advocates for active community involvement, where users contribute to the evolution of ZK and, in return, receive rewards commensurate with their dedication.

Key Features of ZKFair

  1. Fair Token Launch: ZKFair ensures a super-low initial evaluation for every token, providing an equal opportunity for all community members to participate.
  2. Community Rewards: All rewards and gas fee revenue generated will flow back to the community, fostering a sense of shared ownership.
  3. Community-Driven Development: ZKFair encourages the proliferation of creative projects, inviting anyone to propose ideas for community development.

Technical Highlights of ZKFair

  • USDC as Gas Token: ZKFair stands out as the first Layer 2 to utilize USDC as the gas token, thus offering users a stable and transparent fee structure.
  • Polygon CDK & Celestia DA Integration: As the first ZK-Rollup based on Polygon CDK & Celestia DA, ZKFair also leverages cutting-edge technology.
  • Atomic Cross-Rollup Communication: ZKFair pioneers support for atomic cross-rollup communication, enabling direct interaction with Dapps on Ethereum Layer 1.
  • Lumoz Decentralized Prover Network: ZKFair also introduces support for the Lumoz decentralized prover network, enhancing stability in zero-knowledge proof computation.

ZKFair embraces true decentralization by allowing community voting to elect 11 governance members, ensuring a balanced distribution of power. This democratic approach further empowers every community member with decision-making authority over ZKFair’s future.

Building a Diverse ZK Ecosystem

Acknowledging the monotony in current applications and ZK Execution Virtual Machines (ZKEVMs), ZKFair calls on ordinary individuals to contribute to the ecosystem’s diversity. Encouraging innovation and celebrating creative projects, ZKFair aims to integrate with the BTC ecosystem, potentially serving as an L2 solution for Bitcoin. Thus, the community becomes the driving force behind differentiation and innovation in the ZK space, marking a new era for the ZKFair initiative.

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