Biden impeachment saga creates a wild new political twist in an unprecedented election

CNN  —  By opening an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy unleashed an unpredictable and treacherous new political force into what is already the most abnormal election of modern times. McCarthy effectively set up partisan counterprogramming to the looming criminal trials of his patron, former President Donald Trump, who’s the front-runner … Read more

Putin and Kim meet in Russia, but what are the main takeaways?

CNN  —  Covering a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might best be described as a caption contest: The two held what the Kremlin called “very substantive” discussions on Wednesday, but beyond a few photo opportunities, we still have very little idea what went on behind closed doors. … Read more

Taliban welcomes China’s new ambassador to Afghanistan in lavish ceremony

CNN  —  The Taliban has welcomed Zhao Sheng as China’s new ambassador to Afghanistan during a lavish ceremony held at the presidential palace in Kabul on Wednesday. China is among a handful of countries, including Pakistan, Iran and Russia that have maintained a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan since the Taliban retook control of the country … Read more

Vast stretches of coastal New England face hurricane and tropical storm watches ahead of Hurricane Lee’s arrival

CNN  —  Hurricane Lee continues to creep toward New England, where hurricane and tropical storm watches have been issued for much of its coastal residents in anticipation of the colossal storm’s possible impact on Friday and through the weekend. Lee’s winds could begin to buffet portions of New England as early as Friday as the … Read more

Guatemalan president-elect suspends presidential transition process

CNN  —  Guatemalan President-elect Bernardo Arévalo de León has announced he is temporarily suspending the presidential transition process after Public Ministry agents raided electoral facilities and opened voting boxes. “We have informed President (Alejandro) Giammattei that we are temporarily suspending our participation in the administrative transition process while the necessary institutional political conditions are reestablished,” … Read more

Before-and-after satellite images show Libya flooding damage

CNN  —  More than 5,000 people have died following catastrophic flooding in eastern Libya, according to government and hospital officials, after heavy rain from Storm Daniel inundated the North African country’s coastal region. Around 10,000 people are believed to be missing, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Major floods … Read more

DeSantis warns against Covid-19 boosters for people under 65 contradicting CDC guidance

CNN  —  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration is advising people under the age of 65 against getting the new Covid-19 booster shots from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, contradicting federal health officials’ guidance. DeSantis, a 2024 Republican presidential contender, said he won’t allow federal officials who green-lit the new boosters to “use healthy Floridians as guinea pigs … Read more

A 4-year-old police dog named Yoda detained fugitive Danilo Cavalcante, bringing an end to the exhaustive, nearly 2 week-long manhunt

CNN  —  Moments after law enforcement officials spotted convicted murderer Danilo Cavalcante’s head peeking through the underbrush, they released a police dog who bit and subdued Cavalcante, leading to his apprehension nearly two weeks after he escaped prison, officials said. The dog, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois male named Yoda, was from one of two tactical … Read more

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