Apple’s second-gen AirPods are nearly half off for Black Friday

The second-generation AirPods near their charging case on a white surface.

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Black Friday may not be for another two weeks, but it doesn’t seem like most retailers care about that. Amazon and Walmart are both currently selling the second-generation AirPods for $69 ($60 off), the lowest price we’ve ever seen on what is already Apple’s cheapest pair of earbuds. Note, however, that the Walmart deal at the moment is only available to its paying Walmart Plus members.

Though they’re an old pair of earbuds, the second-generation AirPods have stood the test of time. They continue to offer terrific sound quality along with excellent wireless performance and long battery life, while integrating well with other iOS devices. They don’t offer IPX4 water resistance and MagSafe charging compatibilities like the third-gen AirPods, but they’re still a reliable pair of buds that offer a lot of value for your money at this price.

Apple AirPods in front of Audeze MX4

Apple AirPods in front of Audeze MX4

These AirPods are Apple’s second generation of true wireless earbuds and the cheapest model in the AirPods lineup.

However, if you do want earbuds that offer more bells and whistles, Apple’s highest-end wireless earbuds are also $50 off at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. Like the second-gen AirPods, this is also the best price we’ve seen yet for these buds. Along with even better sound quality, the updated second-generation AirPods Pro boast fantastic noise cancellation, water and dust resistance, and a USB-C charging case for faster charging.

Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro photographed on a reflective black surface.

Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro photographed on a reflective black surface.

The second-gen AirPods Pro improve upon Apple’s original pair with much better noise cancellation, improved sound quality, and onboard volume controls. The latest refresh also ships with a USB-C charging case, as opposed to Lightning. Read our review.


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