How to turn off NameDrop in iOS 17


If you don’t want to exchange contact info every time your iPhone comes in contact with another, you can turn the feature off.

iPhone with homepage icons against an illustrated background

iOS 17 offers a lot of interesting new features for your iPhone, one of which is called, appropriately, NameDrop. What NameDrop does is let you exchange contact information with another iPhone (and gives you a chance to use your snazzy new Contact Poster) by just holding the top of your phone near the top of someone else’s iPhone.

iPhone screen labeled AirDrop.

iPhone screen labeled AirDrop.

Obviously, that’s not something that will often happen by accident, but if you still don’t like the idea of accidentally triggering NameDrop with somebody else — or if you tend to carry two phones in your bag and don’t want them to be trying to exchange contact info all afternoon — you can quickly and easily turn it off. Here’s how:

  • In your iPhone’s Settings, select General > AirDrop.
  • Toggle off Bringing Devices Together.

And that’s it! You can also easily enable the feature again by simply toggling it back on.


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