Popsocket lets people design their cases with AI

Person holding a popsocket magsafe

Phone accessory maker Popsocket will now let people design their phone grips with AI via Stable Diffusion and award up to $100,000 in a holiday giveaway for the best designs.

Popsocket’s AI Customizer allows people to make their phone holders or cases exude as much personality as they want, and “bring their wildest visions to life,” says Popsocket. While the company previously offered a way to design cases and grips, that feature used a library of backgrounds or asked users to upload their own photos.

Generate an image from a text prompt or with the help of an upload.

Generate an image from a text prompt or with the help of an upload.

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The AI customizer uses a “highly optimized version of Stable Diffusion XL,” the company tells The Verge in an email. Users can either write out a prompt for their new design or upload a photo, say of their dog, and change the photo’s background using the AI tool.

Popsocket also launched a holiday giveaway and encourages people to send in their customized accessory designs and win up to $100,000 in prizes through December. One winner can win $50,000 in November. The company did say in its contest rules that users give up rights, titles, and interest in their design to Popsocket. 


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