Melbourne To Bali Flight Makes U-Turn After Flyer Bangs On Cockpit Door

A witness described the flyer as the “passenger from hell”. (Representative pic)

When travelling on a plane, passengers should follow some basic etiquette and do their best to not disturb or trouble anyone seated around them. However, recently a flight was forced to turn back after a “passenger from hell” banged on the cockpit door, spewed profanities and slapped another flyer’s glasses off his face. According to the New York Post, the incident took place aboard a Jetstar Flight from Australia to Bali. The flight was less than two hours into its journey when it made the U-turn back to Melbourne to get police help when a passenger became “disruptive”. 

“The Captain decided to return to Melbourne to get assistance from the Australian Federal Police after a passenger became disruptive just under two hours into the flight,” the airline said in a statement. “We know this was a difficult experience for other customers and our team members, and we thank those who assisted with the situation,” it added. 

Separately, as per the Post, eyewitness footage showed a woman with short hair screaming into the face of a seated male passenger as others looked in shock.  “How about try and understand what the f**k is going on before you have a comment,” the flyer yelled.

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A witness described the flyer as the “passenger from hell”. “(She was) verbally abusing everyone in her path! Even shoving a fellow passenger holding a baby,” the witness wrote on social media. “So we were turned around three hours into the flight while she was restrained by passengers and crew in the back. All the poor little kids had to listen to this for five hours,” they added. 

Another passenger posted online that the woman “went loopy and banged on the cockpit door because she thought someone stole her phone”. A flyer also said that the woman was walking up and down the aisle and spitting at people. She added that when a man made a comment to the disruptive passenger, “she got right up in his face and abused the absolute hell out of him and smashed his glasses off his face”. 

When it became clear that the flyer could not be calmed down, the pilot announced that the plane would turn back to Melbourne. Jetstar, an Australian budget airline, confirmed that the captain returned to Melbourne “to get assistance from the Australia Federal Police,” which is still investigating, as per the outlet. 


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