Razer goes after the Herman Miller Aeron with its Fujin gaming chair

/ The company’s first mesh chair. a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>The Razer Fujin.a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>The Razer Fujin Pro.a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>The Fujin Pro’s headrest goes up, down, and tilts.a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>Compare to a fully loaded Aeron with Atlas headrest. a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>The Fujin … Read more

Razer wants to make over your living room with its own smart gamer lights

/ Because you can never have enough gamer lights. a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>Razer’s vision of your future.a:hover]:text-gray-63 [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63 dark:[&>a]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray”>Image: Razer The Aether Light Bulb will cost $50 a pop when it arrives later this year; it’s a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bulb that puts out the typical 800 lumens of light … Read more

Microsoft hopes people won’t become ‘over-reliant’ on its AI assistant

/ At a panel focused on responsible AI, executives assured the public that its enterprise-focused Copilot won’t actually take their jobs. a:hover]:text-gray-63 [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63 dark:[&>a]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray”>Photo by Chris Welch/The Verge This morning, Microsoft set the release date for its AI-powered Copilot feature and showed off some of its capabilities for the first time. … Read more

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is receiving its biggest discount since Prime Day

/ Plus, we found great deals on Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Air, HyperX’s QuadCast S mic, and more. a:hover]:text-gray-63 [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63 dark:[&>a]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray”>Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge Amazon may have announced a new soundbar, a third-gen Echo Show 8, and a slew of other devices during its recent fall hardware event, … Read more

Hyundai is offering free home chargers and install discounts for new EV buyers

/ If you purchase or lease a Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, or Kona EV by October 31st, Hyundai will provide a free home charger plus $600 toward installation. a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>Hyundai’s home charger install deal only works with residential properties.

You can finally ask Siri to play Spotify on a HomePod

/ A clever workaround in iOS 17 will automatically AirPlay a Spotify session from your iPhone when you use Siri voice commands on a HomePod. a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>Siri can now play your Spotify playlists on your HomePod.a:hover]:text-black [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-e9 dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray-63 [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-13 dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63″>You can now stream Spotify hands-free on your HomePod.

Microsoft Surface event: the 6 biggest announcements

/ Here’s a roundup of all the news from Microsoft’s September event. a:hover]:text-gray-63 [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63 dark:[&>a]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a]:shadow-underline-gray”>Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Microsoft has just wrapped up its September event, where it made several major announcements. Not only did we see some new Surface devices, but Microsoft also shared some updates about … Read more

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