Microsoft takes $1.5 billion stake in Emirati AI company G42

Microsoft is investing $1.5 billion in a technology firm based in the United Arab Emirates and overseen by the country’s powerful national security adviser. Microsoft and the technology holding company G42 announced the deal Tuesday. As part of the agreement, Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, will join G42’s board of directors. …

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Gen AI speech and video platforms grapple with a flood of user-generated content: ‘This will be used by bad people to do bad things, that’s for sure’

AI-generated audio and video platforms are rapidly improving, proving themselves potentially useful in areas from entertainment to HR. But its leaders acknowledge that there are risks—and they’ll have to be careful about enforcing moderation policies that prevent users from using AI to impersonate public figures or commit fraud. Speaking with …

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EV repair costs are so high in the UK that minor accidents can total a car and send it to the junkyard: ‘It’s instant death on these systems’

Electric car sales already are in a funk in key markets around the globe. Challenges finding enough repair technicians threatens to further stifle demand in the UK, where consumer uptake has stagnated for the better part of two years.  A dearth of mechanics trained to handle the most advanced EV fixes is helping to drive …

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Ford looks to convert Tesla owners with ‘Conquest Bonus Cash,’ offering $1,500 rebates for F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles

The market for electric vehicles has slowed down recently, and Ford is taking aim at the top EV maker, offering a special rebate to lure Tesla owners. A new Ford incentive dubbed the “Tesla Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash” offers existing Tesla owners an additional $1,500 off the price of a new …

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EigenLayer and EigenDA Launch on Ethereum Mainnet

EigenDA, the first AVS to launch, is built by Eigen Labs as a way to help other blockchain protocols store transaction data and other information. It will compete with similar protocols, like Celestia, that have quickly become critical pieces of blockchain infrastructure as the industry has expanded. SOURCE