How to use CLEAR for stadiums and arenas in 2024

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Heading to a game can be exhilarating—but if you’ve ever seen the long lines to get in, you can imagine how that excitement wanes as you’re standing outside, sometimes in sweltering heat, instead of getting through to your seats.

CLEAR has partnered with over a dozen locations in the U.S. to allow members quick access to bypass the normal long lines and get inside to enjoy the game quicker than ever before. And, while you might be familiar with the paid CLEAR Plus membership that helps you speed through the airport, you can access CLEAR Sports and Events for free.

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR was designed as a biometric program allowing travelers who pay a membership fee and pass a simple check to bypass the standard ID verification at security checkpoints in airports. 

A major choke point in airports is almost always the security line, and CLEAR allows its members to either scan their eyes or their fingerprints to verify that they are who they say they are. The CLEAR lines are typically much shorter, and you get to bypass the long security wait, head to the front, show the TSA officer your boarding pass, and you’re on your way.

Note that to use CLEAR to speed through the airport, you need a CLEAR Plus membership, which typically costs $189 per year for an individual or $189 a year plus $99 per person for a family membership. But there’s good news on two fronts—first, the right credit card might cover your CLEAR Plus subscription. For example, the American Express® Green Card charges a modest $150 annual fee and offers a credit of up to $189 annually to reimburse CLEAR Plus.

The second thing to get excited about is that you don’t need CLEAR Plus to use CLEAR at eligible stadiums and arenas. You just need the free membership option and the mobile app.

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What is CLEAR for Stadiums and Arenas?

Whether you’re a CLEAR Plus airport member, or just have a complimentary membership after signing up for the CLEAR app, you get access to CLEAR for Sports and Events. The free designated CLEAR lanes at stadiums allow all members to enter the various participating venues faster through these exclusive entrances.

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The CLEAR lanes aren’t at each entrance at the arenas and stadiums, but there will typically be one or two special areas at the events that allow you fast, almost unfettered access.

How do I use CLEAR at stadiums?

The process couldn’t be any easier. You’ll need the CLEAR app, but the process is very straightforward.

First, download the CLEAR app (there’s no charge for this) and navigate to the Sports and Events tab.

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Next, click “Get Started” and follow the enrollment steps. You’ll need to take a quick selfie to unlock the QR code in the app. This QR code is what you’ll show to the attendant to get through—then you can wave at everyone back waiting in the other security lines.

Where can I use CLEAR at stadiums and events?

Currently there are more than 15 locations across the U.S. that you can utilize your CLEAR app and get through to your game or event quicker than ever before.

Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

The special entry lanes are at North Entry via lanes 49 and 50. CLEAR Lane is available at all Raiders home games, concerts, and events.

BMO Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

There are two entrances, at both the Northeast gate and the Northwest gates. CLEAR Lanes are available at Los Angeles FC and Angel City FC home games and select events.

Ball Arena, Denver, CO

You’ll find CLEAR at the Altitude Authentics entrance. If you’re heading to a Nuggets or Avalanche game or a special event, CLEAR will be open.

Barclays Center, New York, NY

If you’re heading inside from the Flatbush Avenue entrance, you’ll see both the normal and CLEAR entrances. CLEAR Lane is available at Nets and Liberty home games and all concerts and events.

Capital One Arena, Washington, DC

Head over to the 7th & G street at Gallery Place to find the CLEAR dedicated lane. CLEAR Lane is available at all Capitals and Wizards home games.

Chase Center, San Francisco, CA

Of all the entrances at the Chase Center, only the West entrance has the CLEAR lane. Warriors home games, concerts, and special events all will have CLEAR Lane access.

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Coors Field, Denver, CO

Of all the gates at Coors Field, if you’re heading to the C gate, you’ll be rewarded with a CLEAR lane. Expect your lanes to be available at all Rockies home games, concerts, and events.

Kayesa Center, Miami, FL

Two options for CLEAR exist for the Miami Heat gates, at both gates 1 and 2. If the Heat are playing at home, the lanes will be open.

Lumen Field, Seattle, WA

The Seahawks and the Sounders both share Lumen Field in the Emerald City, and gate 3 holds your CLEAR experience. The CLEAR lane might not be available for special events, as its limited to only the home games for the sports teams.

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Chase B and Chase C at the MSG are your entrances. Look for them off of 8th avenue. CLEAR Lanes are available at all Rangers and Knicks home games, concerts, and events which is a big deal, considering the amount of special events that MSG holds.

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

Head to the center field gate with your QR code for fast access to Nationals Park. CLEAR Lane is available only for Nationals home games.

Oracle Park, San Francisco, CA

The Willie Mays Plaza houses the CLEAR entrance for anything happening at the Oracle Park. The CLEAR lane will be open for baseball games, but also for concerts and special events.

SAP Center, San Jose, CA

CLEAR access is at the South Gate for the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. If the Sharks are playing hockey at home, CLEAR has you covered.

SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

CLEAR can be found at gate 9 at the South Entrance at the SoFi stadium. Whether you’re seeing the Chargers or the Rams play, or heading to a concert or special event, expect to virtually fly through.

State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

Head straight down to your next Atlanta Hawks game at check out the CLEAR entrance at Gate 6. CLEAR Lane is available at all Hawks home games, concerts, and events.

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Skip the line and the red velvet rope.  Feel like a VIP in Vegas at the CLEAR lanes at the Hyde Suite VIP entrance. Since this arena is a multi use event space, you’ll be able to have CLEAR access for all Vegas Golden Knights home games and all concerts and events.

Yankee Stadium, New York, NY

Head on over to the Babe Ruth Plaza and Suite entrance and gate 4 for your CLEAR access. CLEAR Lanes are available at all Yankees and New York City FC home games, concerts, and events.

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost extra to use CLEAR at stadiums?

Using CLEAR at stadiums is absolutely free, so long as you’re a member and have the CLEAR app downloaded on your phone. You don’t need to be a CLEAR Plus airport member in order to use this service, but if you are, it’s included via your app.

Can I bring a friend with me through CLEAR at stadiums?

Unlike at the airport where every person using CLEAR must be a paid member, you’re allowed to bring one friend with you through the entrance at each stadium where CLEAR has a lane. Children under the age of 18 don’t need a pass and can always come through when accompanied by an adult.

Is using CLEAR worth it for stadiums and events?

Using CLEAR helps you skip the line to enjoy quick access to your event—but since CLEAR lanes are limited to certain entrances, plan out your path into the venue strategically. Stadiums can be pretty big, so if your seat is on the complete opposite side of the entrance that offers CLEAR, it may not be worth the extra walk.

How many stadiums and arenas offer CLEAR access?

At the time of this writing, 17 stadiums and arenas offer CLEAR lanes. These include Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Kaseya Center in Miami, and more.

Does my free CLEAR membership provide airport benefits?

While a free CLEAR membership can get you into eligible stadiums faster, it does not provide any airport benefits. For that, you need the paid CLEAR Plus plan. However, certain credit cards will reimburse you for charging a CLEAR membership to your account. 

The Amex Green, mentioned above, is an affordable option. For those able to make use of more extensive travel benefits and tolerate a higher annual fee, the The Platinum Card® from American Express provides a $189 yearly credit for CLEAR (in exchange for an annual fee of $695). 

To view rates and fees of the ‘The Platinum Card® from American Express, see this page.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

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