Susanna Reid issues Good Morning Britain announcement after saying ‘This is the end’

Susanna Reid has announced that she’ll be leaving Good Morning Britain – but thankfully for fans, her break is just a temporary one. Her co-star Richard Madeley quipped: “Lucky you!” as she announced her plans to leave the show behind for a prolonged Easter break.

She announced this morning: “That brings us to the end of Good Morning Britain, back tomorrow from 6. “I’m off for Easter, please don’t panic, will be back in a couple of weeks!”

Richard then chimed in to say: “Lucky old you!” Earlier in the week, Susanna faced a stormy confrontation with former The Apprentice contestant Ryan Mark-Parsons, after he suggested that Richard should earn a higher pay packet than she does – for doing exactly the same job.

“Perhaps it’s Richard Madeley who should be earning more because he’s more entertaining,” he declared. A shocked Susanna shot back: “How would you quantify that?”

“Look at viewer reception – maybe when Richard is on the show he achieves higher ratings, I’m not sure. I’d have to speak to ITV about that but if he does, and presumably… I don’t know!” he shot back. The debate had taken place after actress Olivia Colman’s claim that she would be paid more for her work if her name was Oliver.

While it was clear where Ryan stood on the debate over gender and equal pay, claiming that male actors were “the stars”, Richard Madeley – who has a daughter, Chloe – disagreed.

He wasn’t convinced over Margot Robbie being snubbed at the Oscars as Oppenheimer dominated the awards show.

“Isn’t Barbie worth more than Ken? it’s her movie,” he’d suggested.

However, Ryan insisted that men in the acting profession “bring in more audiences and therefore more money” than females do.

“People go to the cinema to see the stars – people want to see men in the cinema!” he raged.

However, it’s safe to say that Susanna has a devoted following – and she’ll be sorely missed by many over the Easter break.

Meanwhile, this week the presenter also took to social media to lament the loss of former Strictly Come Dancing pro Robin Windsor, with whom she’d collaborated.

“Will always remember your sparkle Robin,” she wrote sadly, punctuating her point with a love heart.

Susanna had been visibly emotional when she’d first announced his death on GMB and was forced to blink back tears to pay tribute to him.

“Robin was larger than life and I fell in love with him and fell in love with dancing when I danced with him back then,.” she explained.

“I just adored him, he was the most incredible personality and soon as I danced with him, there’s something very special about him.”


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