Journey is only $2.24 right now on Steam, and everyone should play it

Celebrated indie studio thatgamecompany’s most recent title, Sky: Children of the Light, has debuted in early access on Steam. To mark the occasion of its chill, free-to-play MMO coming to PC, it’s knocking 85% off the cost of its masterpiece, Journey. It’s normally $14.99, but this Steam Deck verified game costs just $2.24 through April 17.

Despite launching first on the PS3 back in 2012, Journey is absolutely worth playing if you haven’t tried it out, or just want to experience it again. Like all of the games that have come out of thatgamecompany, it’s absolutely stunning to look at, and its story and music pack an emotional punch.

Its multiplayer component is understated, yet surprisingly impactful, allowing players to support each other without voice chat (much like in its successor Sky: Children of the Light) as they attempt to overcome environmental obstacles and scale a mountain. Words simply don’t do the experience justice, and at $2.25, I highly recommend trying it out. If you like the vibes, then check out Sky: Children of the Light.


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