How the purchase price of new GWM cars has leapt in Australia since 2020

GWM is rolling out a range of more expensive, luxurious products in Australia led by the Tank 500 – but it’s already moved upmarket significantly compared to its budget roots.

“The average selling of our vehicles in 2020 was around $23,000,” GWM Australia communications and marketing boss Steve Maciver told media. “That’s sitting today at in excess of $40,000.”

The GWM range in 2024 starts at $25,990 drive-away for the Jolion Lux, which goes head-to-head with the Hyundai Venue based on price, but is a similar size to a Kia Seltos.

It now extends to $73,990 drive-away for the Tank 500 Ultra, a seven-seat off-roader packing hybrid power – and aimed at the Toyota Prado’s heartland.

If it’s locked in for Australia, the Cannon Alpha ute will sit above the existing Cannon and no doubt also drag up the average transaction price.

As it brings newer, more expensive cars to Australia, GWM has acknowledged the need to improve its ownership experience.

It’s already confirmed it will extend its roadside assistance and capped-price service programs from five to seven years on the Tank 500, matching its seven-year warranty to create what it calls GWM Cares 7-7-7.

Whether that same ownership experience will be granted to owners of the brand’s cheaper cars remains to be seen.

“We think it’s a good initiative, we do like simplicity across the range in terms of messaging, etcetera. At this stage it is Tank 500, let’s see what happens in the future,” Mr Maciver said.

It’s also rolling out a new connected services platform on the Tank 500, which will be free for two years for all buyers.

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