«I have gone through many phases in love. Now I'm happy”

Marina Carmona At the age of 31, she is prepared to become one of the promises of the new musical era. 'Mi Identidad' is the new album, which can now be heard on all platforms, in which he wanted to merge tradition and avant-garde. “It has been a very long road that I have traveled in search of my lyrics, without settling for anything and being very specific in what I wanted the public to see about me,” acknowledges Antonio Carmona's daughter.

Each song is composed by herself and she acknowledges that they are inspired by “a path of experiences that I have lived directly or indirectly that has led me to create my true personality.” For her, her listeners are the most important thing, and that is why she tries to connect with them through her lyrics or even her shows: «The thing I enjoy most in the world is singing live, during my concerts, because I feel that is where “People really find my identity and my closeness.”

Thanks to her father, she has been able to enjoy art in her own home from a very young age. Antonio Carmona with whom he toured for more than eight years, with which they managed to further strengthen the father-daughter relationship: «It doesn't take its toll, I have learned a lot when I am on stage with my father. “I've been with him for almost eight years and it's the best experience I've had in my life.”

The young woman emphasizes that she has many examples to follow and musical figures to be inspired by, such as «Mon Laferte, maro or Kany Garcia“, but his father will always remain in his Top 1. “When I see, regardless of the audience and where he is, how he comes on stage and gives his best version, it gives me energy and I still admire him more,” he explains.

The art of the Carmonas

If there is one thing that stands out about his father, it is the humility he experienced. throughout his career. For the one who was leader of Ketama Being able to continue performing after so many years of success is the most important thing: «My father started as an opening act for Prince and in the end we've seen ourselves performing in smaller places many times, but he still enjoys it just as much.

His family is based on talent. His sister Lucy, with whom he maintains a good relationship, is also an artist. At the moment they have not recorded anything in common, but maybe in a few years the time will come: «My sister and I will like it rosary beads And Lolita and we come together to make music. I'm looking forward to singing with her, we always have a lot of influence on each other and give each other good advice. Now we are all at very different places, even though we are more united than ever.”

As for her mother, it is not an easy situation to have so many artists at home. It is she who is responsible for keeping them grounded and learning to embrace all the opportunities that come their way. The woman from Madrid feels sorry for her mother and admits that she now fully sympathizes with her: «If I have children in the future, I want them to be very happy and calm with what they do. If they dedicate themselves to music I will support them, but it is a profession with many peaks. I understand when my mother told me that she didn't want any of us to devote ourselves to music because it takes a lot of pain. “She is proud and at the same time concerned that everything is going well for us.”

He fell in love while working

One of the experiences that had the greatest impact on the young woman was participating as a chorus girl in the tour of C. Tangana: 'Without song, nor mood'. Carmona cherishes with great enthusiasm all the moments he experienced during those concerts. «I remember her with great affection, very fun and educational, surrounded by good artists such as The Hungarian or the Child from Elche, among other things,” he says. He also had time to fall in love. You could say that C. Tangana He played matchmaker because he got it Victor Martinezhis guitarist and musical director, and Marina left the tour with an enduring romance to this day: “The best thing I took from that tour is Víctor.”

But first the singer had to face the dreaded heartbreak: «I have gone through many phases of love. The years give you an emotional maturity in your heart that makes you experience relationships differently. When you're younger, you make more mistakes and mess up more. Now I feel calmer and calmer about this matter.

Focused on his music

The television world left it out, but we could see it on screen in the last season “Your face looks familiar to me.” as a guest «There I realized what demands you have to make of yourself to dedicate yourself 100% to a television program. It is a good focus that always comes in handy, but at the moment I like to have the audience very close,” he acknowledges. What he does rule out is participation in some 'reality': “Imagine what I can shape.'

Currently, the artist will focus on 'My Identity' and will continue to focus on the music industry for much longer: «I never thought about leaving music. It's true that we all experience moments of uncertainty every day. The most important thing when you dedicate yourself to music is to know not to look at the person next to you. “I can devote myself 'fully' to the music and therefore feel very privileged.”

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