The companies and marriage that cast doubt on Alvise's listing process

his channel on the social network Telegram. Then he wanted all the cadres of the branch doing it for the first time making lists for the elections without direct connection to the people, specifically via a kind of lottery for a notary.

The aim was to choose the names that would accompany him on the adventure towards the community assessment among some candidates with criteria – that was his promise – based solely on the CV of the applicants. No acquaintances. In fact, it becomes almost impossible to find information in the Internet search engines of the 61 candidates – except their new leader – who have finally appeared on the squirrel list. Only a few LinkedIn mentions – some with very little data – but no social networks. A seemingly complete erasure.

However, the Business Register points out that this is not what the controversial analyst guaranteed his supporters: a relationship of businesses directly linked to many of those on the list – such as Calderman SL or Dehesa de los Teatinos SL, or the surnames Sartorius and Echavarri – and a marriage casting doubt on the process of preparing Alvise's candidacy.

A list created by the resume

'We have the first electoral list in the history of Spain with one public selection procedure who choose a consultancy firm, HR, a expert psychologistbackground analysis company and then a filling by drawing lots after passing the legal check.” This sentence was uttered a few days ago by Alvise himself on his social networks regarding the formation of his candidacy for the European Parliament.

To support this theory, just a few hours earlier, he stated in an interview with the influencer Marc Vidal who I knew “the other day” to his number two, referring to Diego Solier Fernandez. He also says he doesn't know much about his number three, Nora Junco Garciabut both names – like many others off stage – do manifest connections with more than The party is over.

To be a bit of a spoiler: Junco is precise partner of Pablo Sartorius -which ranks fifth on the SALF lists- in the company Dehesa de los Teatinos SL, and at the same time partner of José Manuel Ordovas -this one at position 54- at the company Calderman SL. Further according to the newspaper The confidentialis the wife of Mariano Cureses Díez -in 26-.

Alvise companies and household names

Alvise Pérez has assured that his electoral list for the European elections has been drawn up on the basis of a “public selection process” and he even claims that he did not know the members of his list, apparently strangers to each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although there is hardly any information available about the members listed, you can simply search the BORME recordsthe Government Gazette of the Trade Register, to discover that some names appear together with Alvise they know each other perfectly. Moreover, some of them have shared partnerships.

It is the case of Nora Junco Garcia, third on Alvise's list and new Member of the European Parliament in Europe. The candidate has shared space and time with other names on the electoral list The party is over. And today Nora Junco is the manager of two important companies in this story: Levinson Concept SL and Dehesa De Los Teatinos SL. Junco appears as sole or joint manager of these two companies in the official trade registers. But there's something else: it was true sole manager of Calderman SL until February 2024, another of the protagonists who dismantles the apparent coincidence of Alvise's list.

At first glance, the names of these companies may not mean anything to the reader. However, it is these limited liability companies in which Nora Junco is active shared space with other names such as Pablo Sartorius Lavalle-Cobofifth on Alvise's list, or José Manel Ordovas Fernández, at the bottom of the electoral list of Se Acabó la Fiesta. The official information available in the Trade Register makes it clear that these people know each other, at least in terms of the changes they have made in their companies. Let's go by parts.

Junco sets up an advertising company just days before becoming Alvise's third

On May 7, 2024, the electoral lists for the European Parliament were publicly known, including those of Alvise and Se Acabó la Fiesta. Strangely enough, a day earlier, the May 6, 2024it was officially known in the BORME that Junco was mentioned supporting administrator by Levinson Concept SLa company she founded together with Jesica Flores Escobar on April 25, 2024, just days before it was officially announced that she would become Alvise's third candidate, behind only the leader of Se Acabó la Fiesta himself and Diego Solier.

Capture about Levinson Concept SL and Nora Junco.  BO Trade Register

Capture about Levinson Concept SL and Nora Junco. BORME

Levinson Concepts SL is a company founded by Nora Junco and Jesica Flores, according to official documents, dated April 25 according to public deed and born with the aim literally of the “development and implementation of creative advertising strategies. a publicity agency that the current MEP created a few days before her presence on the electoral list became known. However, according to official data there is It started working at the end of February and it was only registered just over a month before the European elections, on April 25.

Junco meets Sartorius in Dehesa de los Teatinos

Junco registered Levinson Concepts just before he publicly listed Alvise. However, his actions at other companies demonstrate his relationship with other names on the list, including Pablo Sartorius Lavalle-Cobo, fifth on the list and only two places below that. Nora Junco is today sole manager of Dehesa de los Teatinosa limited liability company dedicated to property since June 2022, two years ago.

However, the surprising fact in this story is that he has since been replaced Pablo Sartorius Lavalle-Cobo, who leaves his position as sole manager of the company in the hands of Junco. Not only that, but it was Sartoruis who did that created the limited liability company on June 8 from 2022 until -as officially stated in the BORME- leaves the company exactly on June 14, 2022. In just six days of the company's existence, Sartoruis delegated to Junco and abandoned Dehesa de los Theatinos, at least as the sole manager. BORME's data shows that, at least to change ownership, Junco and Sartorius had to maintain some form of contact. Since then, the third of Alvise has remained the sole manager of the company dedicated to the real estate sector.

Capture of Pablo Sartorius and Nora Junco in Dehesa de los Teatinos SL.  BO Trade Register

Capture of Pablo Sartorius and Nora Junco in Dehesa de los Teatinos SL. BORME

Junco meets Ordovas through Calderman

Junco's relationship with Sartorius isn't the only one that's narrowing the fence between the members that make up Alvise's list for the Europeans. The candidate also shared space with another name appearing on the ballot, in this case much lower than Sartorius. And Nora Junco also has a business relationship with it José Manuel Ordovas Fernández, at position 54, as recorded in the Trade Register.

Nora became sole manager of Calderman SL on April 20, 2023 in replacement of one's own José Manuel Ordovas Fernándezwhich had hardly been two months in the office. Official records confirm that Ordovas was first appointed sole administrator of the company on February 17, 2023. A position he held for only two months, until April 20, when he left the administration in the hands of Nora Junco. .

Capture of Ordovas and Nora Junco in Calderman SL.  BO Trade Register

Capture of Ordovas and Nora Junco in Calderman SL. BORME

Their relationship doesn't end here. Junco has been in charge Calderman -dedicated to the construction, repair and maintenance of buildings, rentaland accommodation service in all types of establishments tourist– until the past February 5, 2024 when José Manuel Ordovas Fernández once again decided to return to the company as sole director. A role he fulfilled until the past 15 of April when, less than a month before the lists were released, Ordovas again left his position as administrator to leave the company in the hands of José Luis Manzano Iglesias. It is this person who today appears in the official records as the sole administrator of Calderman SL, this time without a presence on the Alvise electoral list.

The data published in the Trade Register make this clear Nora Junco has acted as sole manager of Calderman for about eight months, between position and short-term position of Ordovas Fernández as administrator of the company which, after expanding the company's objectives, develops its services in the field of real estate, hotel and tourism. This means that, at least for the change of ownership to happen, both Alvise candidates would have had to see each other at some point.

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