BBC Casualty’s Dylan Keogh actor details ‘fangirling’ over Harry Potter star newcomer

Casualty star William Beck has teased conflict ahead for his character Dylan Keogh with new clinical lead Patrick Onley (played by Jamie Glover). However, in real life, he admits to almost fangirling over the actor due to his Harry Potter connection.

The actor made the revelation during an exclusive interview with to discuss what is ahead for Dylan in the coming weeks. The trailer for the latest storyline in the show indicates that there are huge tensions between Dylan and Patrick, who only joined the ED as clinical lead in last week’s episodes. and even shows Dylan quitting his NHS job.

The actor shared: “I think Dylan’s bit a bit confused by the turn of events over the last year. By the time I [Dylan] was moved from clinical lead, by the time I was kind of forced out that I wasn’t sure anymore that I didn’t want to do it.

“Then all of a sudden, Patrick arrives and he just kind of conjures himself into the department. His straightforwardness looks very much like competence and I think he just leaves one or two hints here and there that he may be avoiding scrutiny of his own work.”

“That really begins to rub first Dylan up and then eventually Stevie and they make a pinky promise if you like to get to the bottom of what’s eating Patrick. And it turns out to be quite significant,” he teases.

“But I mean, it’s so easy to do because Jamie is such a fantastic actor. It’s so much fun to have somebody – you know apart from anything he’s played Harry Potter.”

This is really important information because I’ve got two nine-year-old boys and it is hugely significant information for them. It was all I could do not to fangirl really,” he laughs.

Jamie starred as the boy wizard in the second cast of the West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in 2017.

William’s admiration for Jamie extends to the current storyline for the characters which he thinks is going to be exciting for viewers to watch and that they will recognise some of his traits.

“We’ve had the departure of Max and then obviously of Charlie which leaves such a kind of a gap in the engine room of the way department runs,” he stated.

“I suppose in a way you could say that the only option for somebody like Patrick is to come in and set about making sure that nobody has time to be resentful of the new guard.

“But the way that he does it is, saying brash is probably the wrong word, but it’s strident perhaps. The frustrating thing for the staff, but the entertaining thing for the viewers is just how inconsistent he can be. On the one hand, praising and then you know, almost immediately following up with a little pop here and there.

“I think, especially in the world that we know now, there are lots and lots of people who will be familiar with somebody who is charismatic, charming, but maybe a little bit dangerously inconsistent from time to time. And so, I think trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Patrick is probably something that a lot of people would have had to do for themselves with other people they know.”

Casualty is on BBC One on Satrday nights and all previous episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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