BBC Death in Paradise’s Florence Cassell star breaks silence as future ‘confirmed’

Death in Paradise star Florence Cassell’s (played by Josephine Jobert) future seemed to be confirmed when the detective made a return to Saint Marie after being in witness protection. However, will she be staying on the island for good?

The instalment saw Florence helping Neville (Ralf Little) and the team solve the murder of a holidaymaker. Darlene Curtis (Jinny Holder) and Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) travelled over to Saint Auguste following the death of Abigail (Eve Ponsonby). However, just as they arrived, they bumped into Florence who offered to lead the case with them.

Meanwhile, back in Saint Marie, DI Neville Parker prepared to leave the island for the travelling trip of a lifetime, when Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) delivered the news that Florence was heading back home.

However, fans seem to think they have worked out Florence’s future and whether she will replace Neville or leave with him. Taking to X, one fan asked: “Florence to be the new inspector?#DeathInParadise.”

Another theorised: “There is already a DS, so I can’t imagine Florence’s return is a permanent one. So will she leave with Neville? #DeathInParadise.” A third added: “Omg @deathinparadise are we gearing up for a Florence and Naomi partnership next season !? #DeathInParadise.”

A fourth fan quizzed: “Is Florence replacing Neville? I was really hoping they would end up together. My hopes for #floville are slowly fading.”

“So happy to see Florence back in #DeathInParadise. But how long for??” another went on to question.

A sixth pleaded: “So glad Florence is back and hope it’s permanent!#DeathInParadise.”

A seventh suggested: “Really want to (finally) see a female, native detective in charge on St Marie but also to see Neville happy with Florence. Don’t think both can happen #deathinparadise.” (sic)

The actress who plays Florence also broke her silence about her return to the BBC show.

In response to her followers, Josephine said: “Since I left the series, I’ve been receiving these (lovely) messages almost every day.”

She proceeded to share a number of screenshots of messages from fans about her comeback.

After sharing a message that read “We miss you”, Josephine posted a video of her back on the set of Death in Paradise – seemingly confirming she is back for good.

In reply to another fan, she wrote: “Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, love and support, it means a lot.”

Death in Paradise returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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