CBB viewers slam ‘dramatic’ Fern Britton as Louis Walsh brands her a ‘fabulous actress’

Celebrity Big Brother star Fern Britton has been accused of being “dramatic” and putting on “fake waterworks” by some viewers of the ITV reality show. The former This Morning presenter was shown distraught at the beginning of the episode after completing a task whereby she placed a snake on the pillow of the person she wanted to leave the house.

She had selected former X Factor judge Louis Walsh but a twist meant that she actually gave him immunity from being evicted. However, despite inadvertantly saving him and finding herself up for eviction, the guilt was eating her up.

Other housemates realised something was wrong with her. However, when they discussed it, they put it down to the fact that she was up for eviction.

She took to the diary room on what was her fifteenth day in the house to explain why she was so upset and ask permission to gather the housemates and admit what she had done. She said she was feeling “wretched” over the Louis situation.

“I don’t like keeping it a secret and I’d like to tell them it’s me and this is how it unfolded and I’m sorry,” she sobbed as she sat in the colourful chair. Granted permission to spill her secret, she brought all the celebrities into the sitting area and confessed.

Louis seemed genuinely surprised that it was Fern and called her a “f****** cow”. Despite this, he told her it didn’t matter and said it was all a game, as he reassured her in front of the others.

Fans weren’t impressed by the scenes that unfolded though and took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to make their feelings known.

@GossipTalkUK opined: “Bit dramatic Fern, you don’t even like Louis. #CBBUK #CelebrityBigBrother #BBUK.” @Dailiahhhh concurred writing: “Fern needs to get a grip I’m sorry #cbb #cbbuk.”

@suzysuze83 wrote: “Stop , just absolutely stop this crying now, PLEASE FERN. SHE MUST BE EVICTED TONIGHT ! #CelebrityBigBrother.”

@lumsdengolf said: “Fern putting on the fake waterworks to try endear herself to the public ahead of tonight’s eviction…..ZZZ get her out!!! #CBBUK #CelebrityBigBrother.”

Alongside the negative posts, her fans piped up in her defence. @LottieHistory gushed: “Fern is so lovely. Hate that she’s probably out tonight. Hope this leads to her being booked and busy #CBBUK #CelebrityBigBrother.”

Meawhile @divadaz chimed in: “Fern seems like such a lovely person but I think she had a lot going on behind the scenes before she went into the house and it wasn’t the right time for her to go in. She seems very fragile Hope she’s okay. #CBB.”

For his part, Louis Walsh later took to the diary room and branded her a “fabulous actress”.

“I never suspected Fern,” he said. “She’s very conniving. She knows what she wants and she’s going to get it.

“She knows the politics of getting what she wants and she wanted rid of me,” he continued. “She’s a fantastic actress!”

Celebrity Big Brother is on ITV and ITVX nightly at 9pm.


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