David Jason’s impromptu decision to reprise Del Boy left TV host ‘s*****ng’ himself

The new series of Car SOS has begun as National Geographic viewers welcome back hosts Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend. While the pair restore classic cars for owners with heartwarming stories, fans are introduced to a man called Adam.

Adam, who is currently on the heart transplant list, owns a Datsun 240k Skyline and is a massive fan of British comedy. Knowing this, Car SOS presenter Tim Shaw managed to get Sir David Jason involved in the show.

Known for his role as Del Boy in BBC’s Only Fools and Horses, Tim decided to get the 84-year-old to record a message for Adam when his restored car was revealed to him. However, the presenter decided to take it a step further when meeting the British icon.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “When I got there, I met Jill, his wife and Sir David came out and asked me what it was all about. I told him the story of the family and I told him about what we did.”

Tim shared that he quickly thought on his feet and asked the actor a question on a whim. The presenter asked David if he would be willing to do a small scene where he’s buying some car parts from his well-known character Del Boy.

However, Tim revealed he didn’t expect the 84-year-old to agree, which resulted in an impromptu sketch.

He continued: “It was one of those pinch me moments, the camera guys and I looked at each other like have we got the god of British comedy to say, ‘Yeah go on then let’s do a Del Boy scene’.

“Nobody’s done this for decades! This hasn’t happened since Only Fools and Horses, but it’s about to happen to me right now.

“I was s*****ng myself, I’m just a TV presenter from a car show, I’m not an actor but I’m not turning down this opportunity.”

The Car SOS star revealed that when doing the impromptu scene David was razor-sharp and fell straight back into his old role naturally.

Calling him a gorgeous human being, he added: “I had to keep saying [to himself], ‘Tim calm down’.

“This was literally made up on the spot and he just jumped into character instantly.”

Tim confessed that acting alongside David Jason was the highlight of his life while creating the sketch for Adam.

Touching on the one-off special, the Car SOS star called it an honour to watch the actor in character as he dubbed him a master in his craft.

He added: “It was such a lovely thing. His wife texted me afterwards and said, ‘I don’t think David’s ever done that for anybody, that’s never happened like that before’ or something like that.”

The new season 12 of Car S.O.S is on National Geographic every Thursday at 8pm.


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