ITV Coronation Street’s ‘worst ever villain’ to return after seven years in Bethany twist

Coronation Street’s most notorious villain, Nathan Curtis (played by Christopher Harper), is reportedly making a return to the cobbles seven years after his prison sentence. The character, who manipulated and planned to sell vulnerable Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) into sex slavery in 2017, was stopped just before he could take her out of the country.

Bethany managed to alert authorities, leading to Nathan’s arrest. She later testified against him and his gang, resulting in their conviction for rape and subsequent imprisonment.

The Sun reports that next month, Bethany will be terrified upon learning of Nathan’s release from jail. A source told the publication: “Nathan’s easily the worst villain Corrie’s ever produced. The grooming storyline was one of the soap’s most important. The hope is that revisiting it will boost the show. It’s a risk but it’s one that producers hope will pay off.” has reached out to ITV for comment.

This news follows fan speculation that Nathan could be the secret boyfriend of missing teenager Lauren Bolton (Cait Fittons), with Roy Cropper (David Neilson) currently under suspicion for murder.

Before her sudden exit, Lauren made a decisive call to her ex, making it crystal clear she wanted to cut ties. Subsequently, she found herself in a close encounter with Bobby Crawford (played by Jack Carroll), culminating in a kiss on the couch.

As the temperature rose and Bobby began to undress Lauren, her severely bruised shoulder came into view.

A puzzled Bobby inquired about the injury, to which Lauren hastily attributed it to a fall down the stairs.

The sight of Lauren’s battered shoulder sent fans into a frenzy of speculation over the identity of the enigmatic man behind her bruises.

Some viewers pieced together clues and pointed fingers at Nathan, recalling his dark past as part of a gang that preyed on young girls.

On social media platform X, one user theorised: “What are the bruises on Lauren? What is she involved with? Could it be Nathan she’s involved with? Bethany’s groomer from years back? “.

Another viewer concurred, posting: “Lauren’s boyfriend is Nathan isn’t it, why oh why would you do this Corrie.”

A third chimed in: “Is Lauren’s boyfriend Nathan (Bethany’s abusive ex) by any chance?”

Supporting these suspicions, another added: “When’s Nathan due out of prison? My money’s on him being Lauren’s secret boyfriend.” Meanwhile, another simply declared: “Ah so it is it’s Nathan.”

Eager fans will have to bide their time to discover if Nathan is indeed making a comeback to Weatherfield and whether he is linked to Lauren’s troubling situation.

If this story has impacted you, please reach out to Rape Crisis England and Wales for free confidential support and information at 08088029999 or visit their website. If you’re in Scotland, call 08088010302.

For those in Ireland, the Domestic and Sexual Abuse helpline is available at 0808 802 1414.

Coronation Street is broadcast on ITV1 and ITVX every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm.


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