Nick Ferrari quips ‘I’m in trouble’ as he makes cheeky sex confession on This Morning

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari left the This Morning studio roaring with laughter after making some cheeky comments about his sex life. During a chat with hosts of the ITV show Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, Nick made a quip about using Viagra.

The star later admitted he was “in so much trouble” – presumably with his wife Sandra Phylis Conolly – following his naughty remarks. His comments came after Alison and Dermot introduced a segment about over 60s reportedly stealing Werther’s Originals from shops.

Addressing the studio on a video call from his LBC office, Nick gave his own thoughts on the unusual story. He said: “I have to share with you, recently, every time I’ve gone into Boots or Lloyds or any other chemist and I’ve been around the Viagra counter…

“I’ve noticed the security guards watching me,” he joked. “This is clearly what it’s about.”

Alison then chimed in: “Yes, so apparently silver shoppers are stealing Werther’s Originals. I’ll be honest, I do like a Werther’s.”

Following a discussion about whether the sweets still appealed to the under-60s demographic, Dermot joined in on the joke.

He asked Nick: “Is your code name for Viagra ‘Werther’s Original’?”

Nick then started laughing, as he replied: “Yes, that is actually what she says. She says, Can you get out the Werther’s Originals darling? I want the earth to move tonight.’”

At this, the studio erupted into laughs once more, before Nick admitted: “I am in so much trouble now. I’m in such trouble now.”

The cost of living crisis has reportedly been linked to the rise in store theft at the hands of the over-60s demographic.

Security tags are now being put on packs of Werther’s Original sweets and slippers following the increase, with Aldi even adding yellow protective stickers to the sweets worth £1.35.

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