Coffin rescued from hearse that caught fire travelling to funeral

A hearse-style vehicle caught fire as it was reportedly travelling to a funeral.

But quick-thinking fire crews were able to rescue the coffin inside the vehicle before it too became engulfed in the blaze. Firefighters in Church Stretton, Shropshire, say it prevented any further distress for the family on a “sad enough day”.

The fire is first said to have been reported at around 1.20pm on Monday, December 11. Fire crews from Craven Arms and Church Stretton attended the incident, says Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews used two breathing apparatus, two hose reel jets and a main jet to extinguish. A Church Stretton Fire Station spokesman said: “Church Stretton Station attended a vehicle fire which involved a hearse carrying a coffin to a funeral.

“Staff and public managed to get the coffin out of the vehicle before that became involved, so well done to everyone there.

“Can we just say our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family which would have been a sad enough day as it is without this additional sad news added to the day.”

The incident comes just a week after a similar incident in Co Cork, Ireland. A hearse carrying a casket from Cork to Dublin caught fire after a suspected fault.

It is understood the Irish hearse was not carrying human remains.


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