Mysterious shipwreck measuring over 200 feet long found in Baltic Sea

Mystery surrounds a 230-foot shipwreck that was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

It was found about 120 square kilometres off the coast of Lithuania by state-run energy company Ignitis Group while it was surveying the sea floor for a wind farm project.

The unexplored vessel is 230 feet long and 20 feet high, and sits about 125 feet from the sea’s surface. Now, researchers are trying to find out where it came from.

It is in an area where there are 19 other registered wrecks but the Baltic Sea, due to being dangerous waters, is believed to actually have 100,000 ships in its depths.

The Ignitis Group was using sonar to survey the sea floor when it came across the wreck, which had been untouched for years. Lithuanian officials were not aware of any wreck in that location.

The energy firm said historical and underwater archaeological research will help paint a better picture of what happened to the ship and how old it is. 

An Ignitis spokesman said this “will be valuable for the country’s scientific community and historians”. 

He continued: “While carrying out research on the Baltic Sea floor for the offshore wind power park project, we have found a previously unknown sunken ship.

“We are handing this unusual finding over to experts, who will help reveal more information about this object.”

He added: “In addition, all the detailed information about the seabed will not only be used in our project but also share it with the Lithuanian science community.”

The research will determine whether Lithuania will register the wreck in its national database of historically significant places.

Archaeologist Elena Pranckėnaitė said the sunken ship can help paint a picture of the history of shipping in the area.


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