Nightmare neighbour ‘wipes thousands off house prices’ after street becomes waste ground

Residents are furious with their neighbour who they say is filling their road with rubbish and devaluing their houses.

People in Wolsey Close, Surrey, say David Feely who owns Feely Grab and Skip Hire in Worcester Park is blocking pavements close to his house.

In 2015 Feely’s company was fined £19,000 for running an illegal waste facility.

The 48-year-old was also fined in 2013 after one of his drivers was caught driving without taking a break on four separate occasions.

Now Feely finds himself in hot water once more.

Retired pensioner Anne McMichael, 78, described the road on which she has lived for 36 years, as “a complete mess”.

She told The Daily Mail: “I have seen a lorry with a crane piling dirt into the skip once. I have no idea what it was. Then the next time I looked, he had emptied it. Now it just seems full of rubbish. It’s annoying because it’s a mess and blocking the path.

“It has been like that for so long I honestly can’t see it getting better anytime soon.”

Tim Watson, 75, added: “It’s a terrible mess. I don’t know why you would constantly have a skip full of rubbish outside your house.

“And all those vans parked up next to it: they rarely ever move. It blocks the pavements and we worry about my daughter’s children tripping up. It is an eyesore.”

Another man said: “He makes the road look disgusting – there’s industrial waste, dust on the road.

“The council is doing nothing. They are not taking responsibility. Nothing is happening. How is he getting away with it? I feel let down by the local authorities.

“[Feely] makes the value of our house go down.”

Epsom and Ewell councillor Phil Neale, 75, has been investigating Feely’s actions at the house on Wolsey Close for four years.

He told MailOnline: “It’s very sad for the residents. It’s very frustrating for them. There are things bubbling away underneath. When you get a multiple agency issue it does tend to slow.

“He’s not the most pleasant of people but we are not going to just leave it. We are just dogged. We live there, we feel the pain when our residents feel the pain.”

The Environment Agency inspected the site but decided it was not an illegal waste facility and it fell out of their remit.

Surrey Police said that the Epsom and Ewell neighbourhood team was aware of this ongoing matter and is working with partner agencies, including the DVLA and Epsom and Ewell Borough Council, to reach a resolution.

Surrey County Council could not find a record of complaint about the issue and declined to comment. Chris Grayling, MP for Epsom and Ewell since 2001, also declined to comment.

Feely did not respond to MailOnline’s requests for comment.


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