People being driven crazy by fiendishly difficult cow riddle they just can’t figure out

Brainteasers are a great way to push one of the body’s most important organs to its limits.

They can come in many different forms, they can be analytical, observational, or mathematical. This brainteaser posted on X is a form of mathematical brainteaser as it asks you a maths-based question.

In the image above, a problem is given about a cow. The owner says they bought it for $800, sold it for $1,000, bought it again for $1100, and then sold it for $1,300.

The question you have to answer is how much the owner of the cow made from buying, selling, buying, and then reselling their cow.

While it may seem like a case of doing some simple maths, the brainteaser has baffled hundreds of social media users.

Some people guessed that the cow owner’s profit was $100, $200, or $300, but the final answer was $400.

The person behind the brainteaser explained that after spending $800 the person had no money, then made $200 by selling the cow for $1,000 before losing $900 selling the cow before making $400 by selling the cow for $1,300.

The brainteaser received waves of praise from impressed users. One person wrote: “I knew it, someone tried to convince me that I was wrong.”

Another claimed the test was “easy peasy”.

A third wrote: “If your only money is the initial spent($800) your total earned is $300 because you will have a -$100 on your account. But in this scenario where only earned is the answer on both transactions you will get $400.”

A fourth person jokingly criticised the user. They said: “I don’t know, but you make questionable financial decisions.”


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