Prince Harry and Meghan Markle release video just hours after Kate shares clip with kids

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell Foundation have released their 2022-23 Impact Report, alongside a one-minute video highlighting key events from the year.

The video shows the couple chatting with organisation and people they have helped and showcases a number of Archewell events.

Archewell shared the clip just a few hours after Princess Kate released a video showing her children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, Prince Louis, five, volunteering at a baby bank.

A 25-page impact report accompanies the Archewell video, which starts by highlighting the Foundation’s aims. It reads: “We are committed to a simple but profound mission – to show up and do good. Our work, especially this year, has been rooted in fostering community and remaining responsive to those in need amidst the evolving challenges we encounter in today’s world.”

The report is then split into it’s main priorities: uplifting communities, building a better online world and restoring trust in information – all issues that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have championed in recent years.

Under the Uplifting Communities section, the report details some of Archewell’s achievements over the year, including that 3,176 hours of trauma-informed mental health support was provided to individuals in Turkey and Syria following the tragic earthquake, 237 women were brought together in the communtiy through The Welcome Project and 2,500 girls in Nigeria received menstrual products and health education.

It goes on to highlight the success of the Welcome Project, which was launched this year, to support recently resettled Afghan women build more inclusive and connected communities. It was launched in 11 locations in the US and a number of activities are arranged, such as sewing, art, hiking and cooking.

The report states that Meghan was inspired to recreate the positive impact of one of the projects she undertook when she was a senior member of the Royal Family – the Hubb Community Kitchen. The kitchen was a place for women to grieve following the Grenfell Tower fire in West London in 2017.

“As with the Hubb Community Kitchen, The Welcome Project uses the power of food to bring people together,” the report states.

Harry and Meghan have long vocalised making the internet a safer space for children and this has been something they have focused on this year.

In their impact report they state: “A safe and responsible online world can help safeguard our collective mental wellbeing; that’s the work we do through The Archewell Foundation.”

On World Mental Health Day in October, the couple held a parents’ summit in New York where families shared their experiences and discuss solutions on how to reduce the negative mental helath impact on children and teens.

Archewell launched a support network for parents whose children and families have been impacted by online harm, which has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.


The final section is on Archewell’s mission to “promote information integrity and access to ethical journalism as a fundamental right”.

It highlights the work that has been done after the Foundation teamed up with the NAACP to launch an award that invests in and celebrates the people and organisations at the forefront of the civil rights movement online.

Harry and Meghan said in a statement: “When we founded this award with the NAACP, we wanted to highlight and uplift people across the country who are transforming the digital world for the better.”


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