Princess Kate’s uncle pulls plug on tell-all book on Sussex feud after key intervention

Princess Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith is now writing a book on his business endeavours following requests to omit mentions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from his memoir, the Daily Express can report.

An extremely well-placed source reveals that Gary, 58, who was originally planning to write a tell-all which included details of a Royal Family feud with the Sussexes, has now resigned himself to writing about how he became a millionaire after his sister Carole stepped in.

“Gary is now focused on writing a book about his business ventures and how he became so successful,” the source said. “Writing about private family secrets or including details about a feud with Harry and Meghan just didn’t make sense following all the antics that have gone on in recent years. It’s best to put that chapter well and truly behind them.”

Gary first spoke about penning his memoir back in 2013, having amassed a £30 million fortune through his IT recruitment business.

While he initially stressed that he wouldn’t reveal any secrets that might embarrass his royal niece or her husband, both 41, he had a change of heart realising that the feud with the Sussexes could have made good reading material.

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“Members of the Middleton family reached out to make sure there wasn’t going to be any surprises,” the source said.

“Harry and Meghan will be relieved by the news that Gary has decided to focus his new book on his business ventures instead. There was a fear that it could have triggered a second book from the Sussexes in retaliation.”

In his book Spare, Harry, 39, claimed Kate had made Meghan, 42, cry over Princess Charlotte’s flower-girl dress just days before the Sussexes’ wedding in 2018. “This made me see red,” Gary told the press earlier this year. “How dare Harry share such a confidence involving a young child?”

He added that he thought Meghan was jealous of Kate because she makes her royal role “look effortless”.

The source said that it is comments like this from Gary which proved the turning point in deciding to focus solely on his business in the book.

“There were plans to include details about the Sussexes but that has now been shelved. There is no point fanning the flames,” the source said.

It was first revealed in OK! magazine on October 30 how Kate’s uncle was writing a book which subsequently triggered several hilarious fake AI books supposedly written by Gary being uploaded to Amazon on November 19.

These books incorrectly claimed that Gary was Meghan’s uncle and that he had an ongoing prank with Prince William where his face was printed on toilet paper.

Following the revelation of the fake AI books’ existence, Gary said: “I want to take legal action against those publishing fake news for putting words in my mouth.” Amazon has since removed the books from its online platform.

Kensington Palace has been approached for comment.


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