UK cold weather: New maps show exact day brutal ice storm crashes into Britain

Weather conditions in Britain are likely to turn “unsettled” as new weather maps show a brutal snow and ice storm crashing into the country. A mix of snow and rain deluge will batter the parts of the UK in the coming days, the latest weather maps have suggested.

Weather maps by WXcharts have turned blue and purple on December 7 with northern parts of Scotland and Eastern England witnessing the heaviest rain and snow showers.

According to the meteorologists, a strong jet stream will move across the Atlantic and across western Europe from around December 6 – which could persist past the middle of the month. This is likely to bring a succession of low-pressure systems, resulting in wet and windy weather at times.

Those living in northern parts of Scotland could observe a shift in the weather pattern from the evening of December 7 as a giant wall of rain barrels into the UK at around 6pm. WXCharts show that areas like Fort William, Portree, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh may receive rainfall up to 45mm.

The southern parts of England also look to be wildly affected during that period with areas like Cardiff and Plymouth witnessing 45mm of rainfall, too.

The wet conditions will be accompanied by the snowfall in some parts of Scotland, maps suggest. According to the weather maps, areas around Fort William and Dundee are likely to be covered with 18-24cm of snow.

The shift in the weather pattern comes amid the Met Office warning of rain and snow that has lashed several parts of the country. A 21-hour weather warning came into effect from Monday afternoon forecasting up to 70mm of rain for some “east facing hills.”

Nick Finnis, a meterologist with said: “As the block collapses by December 4, Atlantic lows will move in from the west, bringing milder and unsettled conditions to the south at least, though northern areas, especially Scotland, may hang on to colder conditions for the rest of the week.”

He added: “There is a signal for a particularly strong jet stream to move across the Atlantic and in across western Europe from around the 6th- which could persist past mid-month, bringing a succession of low-pressure systems east across western Europe, bringing wet and windy weather at times.”

The Met Office forecast for December 9- 18 suggests: “This period is likely to often be unsettled with areas of low pressure tracking northeastwards close to or over the UK. This means bands of rain moving in from the west or southwest, interspersed with brighter showery conditions.

“As such, the wettest weather is likely to be across western high ground, though all parts could see some heavy rain at times. There is a greater than normal likelihood of periods of very windy weather too.

“A generally relatively mild period for the UK, with above average temperatures more likely than not, especially so in the south and west. However, there does still remain the potential for short-lived colder interludes bringing the chance of overnight frost, these more likely to affect northern areas.”


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