Weather maps reveal exact date 655mile Arctic freeze is set to batter UK with snow and ice

Latest weather maps show a surprise Arctic blast making its way to the UK in a week and a half, set to cover parts of Britain in snow, ice and torrential rain.

The forecast shows an extraordinary 655-mile-long wall of snow and ice hitting the country in the second week of April.

The forecast from WCXCharts gives a snapshot of the weather on Tuesday, April 9 at 6pm.

The snow map shows multiple regions across the country turning purple, indicating significant snow depth, as Scotland bears the brunt of the wintry weather.

Up to 19 centimetres of snow could be dumped in northern Scotland, while 16 centimetres is forecast to blanket parts of central Scotland.

The Arctic freeze will affect nearly every part of the country, except for Northern Ireland.

Northern England, southern Wales, the Midlands, London and southern England will all experience snow, ice and wintry rain.

While only one centimetre of snow depth is forecast to fall in these areas, there could be significant wintry showers and ice, prompting worries over travel chaos.

A temperature map from WXCharts shows that the UK and Scandinavian countries will be the only European areas hit by a return to wintry weather.

The April freeze is forecast to send daytime temperatures in the UK plummeting to between -5C and -10C, while the rest of Europe enjoys mild spring weather.

The whole country is set to be plunged into freezing temperatures but the temperatures grow colder the further north.

The current Met Office forecast between April 3 and April 12 states: “The ongoing unsettled spell of weather seems likely to continue through the first few weeks of April. Initially, the heaviest and most frequent spells of rain and showers are likely to be across southern parts of the UK, with drier brighter and colder conditions dominating further north.

“However, by the end of next week all parts are likely to have some rain or showers. As this transition takes place in the north, some snow is possible for a time. Overall, temperatures near or above average, although rather cold with night frost at first in the north. Often windy, especially in the south and west. Towards mid-month, the very unsettled weather may begin to ease, with some drier interludes probably developing.”


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