Travel expert reveals plane secrets including warning about in-flight blankets

A travel expert, who has taken more than 300 flights, has revealed some surprising facts about plane that passengers are never told. 

In a YouTube video, Megan Gougeon warned her followers to steer clear of airline blankets and explains why wearing socks is always a bad idea.

The safest seats on a plane

“For those worried about safety, Megan suggests choosing seats “in the middle of the last row at the back of the plane.” She says these spots have the “highest survival rates in the event of a crash.”

Tiny holes at the bottom of airplane windows 

Megan explains that this feature, known as a “bleed hole,” plays a significant role in maintaining cabin pressure and preventing the window from fogging up.

She further explains that commercial plane windows typically have three layers – outer, middle, and inner – made of acrylic and glass. 

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The inner plastic layer prevents passengers from accessing the middle and outer glass panes. The middle pane has a ‘bleed hole’ in it, followed by an air gap, and then the outer pane of glass.

To keep the cabin safe, it’s important to manage the pressure between the inner and outer window panes. 

Always check under your seat

She reveals a secret airlines don’t usually share: there should be life vests under every seat. But sometimes, passengers take them, so it’s worth checking your seat before take-off. If you can’t find one, tell a flight attendant straight away.

The lavatory ashtrays  

Another feature you might not have noticed, she said, is the ashtray in the bathroom. Despite smoking being illegal on planes, some passengers break the rules. So, planes must have a safe place to extinguish a cigarette.

Do not walk around in your socks

Another tip from Megan is to avoid walking around the plane in your socks. She explains that the “little droplets on the ground aren’t always water,” and “the aisle floors also accumulate germs that are tracked out of the airplane bathroom.”

By keeping your shoes on, she says, “you’re not just avoiding the unpleasantness of bathroom spills but you are also protecting yourself from a variety of germs that could lead to a variety of foot conditions.”

Blanket warning

Megan recently discovered that pillows and blankets on long-haul flights are reused and may only be clean for the first flight of the day.

Catrina McGrail, another former flight attendant, says the best way to ensure a blanket is clean is to make sure it’s wrapped in plastic.

“Using the sealed plastic bags means passengers would know their blanket would be fresh,” she said.

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