“I'm not the criminal, it's the police”

The promoter of the musical 'Malinches', Nacho Cano appeared this Tuesday, a few hours after being arrested by the police, to denounce that everything corresponds to his support for the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “It is for the only reason that I support Ayuso. Since they went after the friend, the brother and the father, I am the only one they have left,” he explained after declaring that “I am not the criminal, I am the police.” “If they find me dead in the gutter, they already know who it was,” the producer even said.

The musician and producer appeared shortly after he was arrested and gave a statement at the National Police Station in central Madrid. arrested, as confirmed by police sources to this newspaper, and accused of a crime against the rights of workers and another crime against the rights of foreign citizens. This Tuesday he appeared at the capital's law firm that is handling his defense, surrounded by about twenty young people who are working on the project and who are defending him.

In his performance, Cano defended that he did not bring Mexican workers to Spain illegally to participate in his musical. “We are not talking about bringing workers from here to the people. You come, you train, you come back and you debut there,” he said.

Both Cano and one of his associates have pointed out that a young woman, to whom they attribute the complaint, has a “conflicted” attitude. “Camaraderie was essential and since this girl left Mexico, she showed indifference to her classmates,” they say of her. When he was finally asked to leave the project, “he threatened to report it.”

Cano's lawyer also seems to claim that all the young people who participate in the musical are in a legal situation in Spain. According to Cano's version, a dozen national police officers arrived at their facilities to interrogate the young people, some of whom were minors. He then attacked the police officers: “You don't need twelve police officers to control these people, unless you want to blackmail and coerce. It has been revealed that the young people, while awaiting their arrest during their performance, “have filed 17 complaints for their part for absolutely inadequate, illegal, irresponsible, coercive and excessive treatment by the police.”

“Gentlemen, the criminal is not me. The criminal is the police. They must be investigated,” said Cano, who accused the Leganitos commissioner of having arrested him for his support for Isabel Díaz Ayuso and of failing to do so on the orders of the Minister of the Interior. “It is for the only reason that I support Ayuso.”

Cano explained that the program started last year, after the Casa de México contacted him with the willingness to award three grants to the musical 'Malinche'. The producer indicated that, because he wanted to premiere the version of the show in this country the following year, he decided to increase the number of beneficiaries to 19 people. “Some come from difficult survival situations and we want them to have the opportunity to succeed”, he justified.

Once in Spain, they began their training at the JANA school in Madrid, where they moved into a hostel near the central Plaza de Callao. As they described, the program included an internship period, which did not work out, which led to these 17 students performing in different roles in the play. “They are not working, they are doing internships. And many of them are on stage,” he stressed, “the law determines the hours they can be on stage. “They are not hired, they are given a scholarship.”

“I don’t count the hours people put into their talent to succeed,” he argued to justify why these young people would have performed the musical as another cast member, under different circumstances. “They have their regular hours, their teachers can testify if this is exploitation,” he defended.

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