'Now I'm in bull mode'

Ibai Llanos (29 years old), the popular content creator, has surprised his followers with a radical decision: changing his lifestyle and losing weight. The Basque, known for his success in the streaming world, had been fighting the extra pounds for years, convinced that he could not win the battle. However, the proximity of an important event, the Evening of the Year at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on July 13, seems to have sparked a new motivation in him.

Since he retired from sports at the age of 18, Plains He had failed to change his diet or maintain the discipline needed to stay in shape. “I've achieved everything in my life very quickly and it's a problem. When I see that something is difficult for me, I feel like I'm wasting time,” he confessed in one of his latest videos. Despite his professional success, he has always been aware of his excess weight and has admitted that his real battle is with low self-esteem and lack of discipline. “I don't care if my clothes don't fit well, if people think I'm fat… I think I don't love myself that much, I've assumed what I am and I imagine that I don't have as much self-esteem as I should.”

Llanos' decision to embark on this journey of transformation did not come out of nowhere. Recently, his team, Porcinos, was crowned the first world champion of the Kings League, a tournament created by Ibai himself and Gerard PiqueBefore the decisive match, Ibai promised to fulfill the request that his followers voted for the most, without foreseeing that the chosen challenge would be precisely to try to lose weight again.

True to his word, the Basque streamer began his process of physical transformation as soon as he returned from Mexico. On his social networks, he has shared his new training routine, which includes cardio and resistance sports, visits to the gym and walks in the open air. “Courage to all of you who are looking for change. I have everything in front of me and I have failed 200 times. We have to keep going. Now I'm in bull mode', Ibai said, showing his determination.

Among the exercises he has incorporated into his routine, the 'ramp of hell' stands out, his demanding cardio session and squats which he is particularly proud of. His followers have shown great support and cheered him on with messages of encouragement and motivation.

In this way, the community has played a key role in keeping Ibai's motivation high. Adam AdamouCEO of AboutActive Media Corpsaid to him: “Your path during these seven days shows your strength and determination. Every step, crouch and climb is a testament to your spirit.”

With a view to The evening of the yearIbai Llanos has shown that he is willing to face his personal challenges with the same energy and dedication that he has put into his professional career. His followers, inspired by his sincerity and commitment, continue to support him in this new chapter of his life.

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